Elliott Degeneres Family, Biography, Career, and Net Worth

Elliott Degeneres Family, Biography, Career, and Net Worth

Elliott Degeneres Family – She has fast become a household name and no one can deny that Ellen is quite a piece of work, but today it’s time to look past her and at the people who function with her behind the scenes and beyond the camera. It’s all going to be in here, tidbits of information about Ellen DeGeneres mother, father, brother and her wife.

Biography And Career

Elliott Degeneres Family, Biography, Career, and Net Worth

Ellen DeGeneres was born as Ellen Lee DeGeneres on January 26, 1958, in the Metairie, Louisiana, the USA. Calculating her age, she is 59 years old. She is the daughter of Betty DeGeneres and Elliott Everett DeGeneres. She grew up as a daughter of French, German, and English background family. Her mother is a speech therapist and her father is an insurance agent. She later moved to Atlanta Texas after their parents divorced. She is French, English, German, and Irish descent.

After the separation of her parents, her mother and she had been through many difficulties she graduated from Atlanta High School and she moved to New Orleans, holding series of jobs from a number of restaurant jobs, from hostess to bartender to oyster shucker and also worked as a retail clothing store and as a house painter.

Elliott Degeneres Family, Biography, Career, and Net Worth

From this sort of job she didn’t find independence and started her own carrier as a comedian at the age of twenty-three. She won different contest by making comedy videos and begins to travel around the country performing stand-up comedy, and she appeared on several HBO specials. In 1991 DeGeneres was honored as the best female stand-up comic at the 1991 American Comedy Awards. She appeared in a couple of TV shows and short series. Over the next year and so, DeGeneres began showing up on television more and more often.

At the age of 23, DeGeneres began performing at a local coffee house and she started her carrier by acting on a tip from Jay Leno and also appeared on The Tonight Show and was honored to sit on the famed “couch” during her first visit. She also appeared on many shows like The Oprah Winfrey, Greg Kinnear, Larry King, and Good Morning America.

Ellen mainly found success as an actress with her self-titled television series These Friends of Mine. She became a success and won the heart of many audiences and became popular with many TV shows.

Family and Net Worth

Ellen DeGeneres Mother

She is one of the most important women in Ellen’s life, that is bound to happen when people go through a lot together, her name is Betty DeGeneres and she raised the star on her own for the most part of it. She was born on May 20, 1930, in  Violet, Louisiana. The mother of two was once married to Ellen’s father, Elliot DeGeneres but that went down the drain after 22 years.

Elliott Degeneres Family, Biography, Career, and Net Worth

She is now married to Roy Gruessendorf and that seems to be going on well for her. So, the big question is, how does Ellen DeGeneres mother feel about her daughter being a member of the LGBT community? The answer is a whole story on its own so hold on.

Betty, who is a published author described her total reaction to Ellen’s open admission that she was swinging for the other team in 1997. Well, she wasn’t thrilled, it was a different time back then, but soon she moved from ‘passive acceptance to becoming a full-blown activist’.

Ellen DeGeneres mother is in total support of her daughter and the entire LGBT community

Ellen DeGeneres Father

His name is Elliott Everett DeGeneres, an insurance agent and though we do not know much about him, we do know that he wasn’t around much during her childhood. After the separation between Ellen DeGeneres mother and Elliot in 1973, Ellen decided to go live with her mum while her brother stayed with their dad.

Though he was not around that much, in his own way the star’s father was still very present. The one occasion that Ellen spoke about her father quite a bit was when she explained his concerns for her when she came out as a lesbian in 1997. She said he didn’t like how open she was about it because what he wanted was for her to live a quiet life.

In her own words, she said, ‘ My parents divorced when I was young – they were very different personalities. My mother is a strong woman, sarcastic and sassy, and I learnt how to be a tough woman from her. My dad is a wonderful man but he has a lot of fear and he was overprotective of me.’

She added. ‘ He didn’t want me to hurt myself so he wanted me to be nice and quiet all the time and not really argue or speak my opinion. So imagine his challenge of having an openly gay child.’ In more recent news, it seems that Elliot is quite ill and the house he shares with his current wife is just not cutting it for people their age.

Ellen DeGeneres Brother

Well, it seems like both siblings decided to go down the showbiz route, as Vance DeGeneres is an American actor, comedian, musician, film producer and screenwriter, known for his work in television. He was born on  September 2, 1954, and according to Ellen, he was actually the funny one.

Elliott Degeneres Family, Biography, Career, and Net Worth

It;s evident that he is not just Ellen’s brother, Vance has done quite well for himself in his own right and he is kind of a Jack of all trades. He actually joined the Marine Corps and attained the rank of a corporal after two years. He has been on radio, he has been in the music industry and he is currently co-runs Carousel Productions at Warner Bros., Steve Carell’s production company, developing comedy movies.

Ellen DeGeneres Wife

Well, anybody who knows Ellen knows this lady, her name is Portia Lee James DeGeneres, she was born Amanda Lee Rogers, but professionally she is referred to as Portia de Rossi. She was born on January 31, 1973, and she is an Australian-American actress.

Elliott Degeneres Family, Biography, Career, and Net Worth

Portia is popular for her roles in Scandal, where she played Elizabeth North, the Vice President’s Chief of Staff,  Nelle Porter on Ally McBeal, and  Lindsay Fünke on the television sitcom Arrested Development. She met her other half in 2005, backstage at an awards show and they hit it off immediately. By August 2008, they were married at an intimate gathering, with their mothers and 17 guests in attendance.

Net Worth

To talk about salary and net worth of Ellen DeGeneres, she has successfully accumulated a huge amount of money. Her total net worth is $400 million whereas his salary is calculated to be around $75 million. Forbes estimated Ellen’s’ earnings at 77 million dollars. She is one of the highest paid celebrities in the world.