Doug Walker Net Worth 2020, Bio, Education, Career, and Achievement.

Doug Walker Net Worth 2020, Bio, Education, Career, and Achievement.

Doug Walker is a comedian, actor, and producer who is best known for ”Nostalgia Critic,” a comedy web series that runs on YouTube.

Doug Walker Net Worth


Although his name doesn’t seem to imply that, Doug Walker was born on November 17th in the year 1981 in Naples, which I sin Italy.

Many people tell him that he doesn’t even sound Italian and that he should make more videos about Italy as well.

His mother is called Sanders Polkow Walkes and she used to be an opera singer, which is very respected in Italy where they live.

His father is Barney Walker and he was a naval officer.

His mother wasn’t always a singer and her true education and career were being a therapist.

He said that his parents both loved him very much and that he is very grateful for that because he wouldn’t feel confident enough to create content on the media without their help during many years.

He explains to people why he doesn’t have an Italian accent. His father used to travel a lot as an officer and that’s why the family had to move around as well.

His mother could not be an opera singer anymore and the parents got divorced when they realized that someone will have to settle down with Doug.

Doug used to go to Northern Ilinois University and he studied film and social communications.

He said that he wanted to pursue his dreams for a long time and that he was ready to invest in what he wanted to be.


He began his career at a very tender age. This was during his high school time. This is where he started to have small roles in high school plays.

He has admitted to the fact that he did not have so much interest in education. It is during this period that he was able to create various social sites.

He built his YouTube site in the year 2008. His success has been a journey of one step after the other.

He did launch his new site in the year 2009. His nickname has known the dough as That Guy with the Glasses.

He did create a comedy web series that was usually uploaded to YouTube. The comedy series was dubbed ‘Nostalgia Critic.’

He did upload videos where he did criticize various movies. His reviews were top-rated. In the year 2008, he suffered a setback due to a video that had copyright issues.

In 2012, they announced the termination of the series. However, it was later continued.

Doug Walker Net Worth

Net Worth

Doug Walker has a net worth of over $6 million. This wealth has been generated from a varied career that he has been able to pursue.

The career that has created most of the wealth is comedy. It has been estimated that he can make between $200- $300 thousand a year. He is among the wealthiest actor s in the world.

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