Doug Marcaida Biography – Early Life, Education, Career Achievement and Net Worth

Doug Marcaida Biography – Early Life, Education, Career, Achievement, and Net Worth

Doug Marcaida Biography – Doug Marcaida is a skilled swords master and television personality famous for his martial arts skills. Find out more about Doug Marcaida’s net worth, wiki-bio, personal life as well as background here.

Early Life, Family, and Education

The TV personality Doug Marcaida could fit a superhero persona.

This is mostly because he has crucial masked details about his life like date and place of birth, early life, educational background, and even age. Family talk is out of the question when it comes to the combat master.

However, he is an American citizen and is Filipino by virtue of ethnicity. He mostly trains his students basing all lessons from his culture.

He has got the best hands in the field with some of best knife designs out there. He even forged the knives used in the movie Blade and The 300.

Personal Life

The martial arts teacher Doug Marcaida lives a very secluded lifestyle. Not much is known about Doug’s personal life. The same can be said about his marital status and dating life. Sources indicate that he is single which is quite queer.

Perhaps he is one of those modern-day heroes with the cliché beliefs of not wanting any attachments. Mostly due to the fear of getting their loved ones hurt by the dangerous life that they live.

Either that or he is secretly a monk. Every girl would definitely go for a guy who can protect them in the event of an attack. Doug Marcaida is quite a catch, not to mention his physique as well.


Doug Marcaida came to limelight after he appeared on the show Forged in Firea popular show which is produced by Outpost Entertainment which tests some of the best hands in the field alongside J. Neilson and David Baker.

The show was premiered on the 22 June 2015 and as of 2018, it is in the fifth season.

In each episode, four bladesmiths battle in a three-round elimination contest to forging bladed weapons, with the overall winner receiving $10,000 and the day’s championship title.

As a judge on the show, Marcaida represented the end-users of the weapons.

Besides being a judge on the show, he is an edged weapon combat expert who designs some of the world’s dangerous blades. He designed for FOX Knives which is in Itlay. He also has a website where he advertises his work.

Marcaida is one of the makers of DART (Direct Action Response Theory) Karambit,  a tiny curved knife that fits in the hand and the DART XT. Some of his tools are used in the movies like 300, Blade and Bourne series.

Moreover, he is also a skilled martial artist who also studied fighting techniques and styles around the world. As of 2018, he is busy teaching Marcaida kali in Romania and runs three martial arts in New York.


The weapons master is quite famous for his combat skills, especially when wielding a double-edged sword. As such, he has received several contracts to impart knowledge as a weapons instructor.

In other cases, his mad skills are sorted out for by security organizations, and law enforcers. He is also a US military contractor.

Doug Marcaida’s net worth stands at $300 thousand as of 2018. This has been mostly attributed with his $80 thousand annual salaries.

Doug appears along with other judges such as Wil Willis, Jason Knight in the show Forged in Fire aired on the History channel.

It’s basically a competitive show where different characters mold some of their finest blades and present them to a panel of judges.

Other appearances the swordsman has made include designing Knives for Fox Knives Italy. While checking out his Instagram, you may be inclined to think that he may be a serial killer.

This is because his page is full of blades and weapons of all sorts. Nevertheless, it’s just a passion mixed with a little bit of professionalism.

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