Don Felder Net Worth 2019, Biography, Career and Marital Life

Don Felder Net Worth 2019, Biography, Career and Marital Life.

Don Felder Net Worth 2019Donald Willian Felder is a very renowned American songwriter and singer. He is a very talented personality. He is the lead guitarist for the Eagles. Besides guitar, he also plays keyboard, Mandolin and pedal steel guitar.

He has struggled through various hurdles in his life to achieve the success and prosperity in his career.

Don Felder Net Worth

Don Felder is an American musician and songwriter who has a net worth of $60 million dollars.


Donald William Felder was born on September 21, 1947, in Gainesville, Florida. His early life was difficult due to the fact that his family did not have much money.

Interested early on in music, Felder worked at a music shop in order to obtain equipment and traded guitar lessons for music theory lessons in order to learn how to write.

One of his students was none other than Tom Petty. Felder’s efforts paid off as he became part of the Gainesville music scene, which was brimming with talent at the time.

His first band, The Continentals, included fellow Gainesville resident Stephen Stills (later to be part of the group Crosby, Stills, and Nash). Felder was 15 at the time.

When Stills left the band, Felder looked to his high school classmate Bernie Leadon to fill the gap. Their group became The Maundy Quintet.


Don Felder began playing guitar when he was in elementary school and formed his first band when he was in high school. He played with future bandmate, Bernie Leadon, in a band in Florida, and then had his first taste of musical success, performing with the group the Maundy Quintet.

He soon relocated to New York, where he performed and recorded with the improvisational rock group, Flow, and then moved to Boston to work at a recording studio.

He met the members of The Eagles in the early 70s through Bernie Leadon, and in 1974, he was invited to perform on one of their tracks.

Don was eventually invited to join the group. in 1976, Felder wrote the group’s most successful song, “Hotel California”. After they broke up, he launched a moderately successful solo career, and he released his most recent solo album in late 2012. Felder also has a Kardashian connection through his ex-wife Susan.

Marital Life

In his lifetime, until now, he has got involved in various relationships. He was in a marital relationship with his first wife, Susan Felder for about 29 years.

He met her in Florida when he was a struggling, small-time musician. They dated each other for several years before getting married. When they got married, he was still struggling to establish himself as a musician.

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