Domo Wilson Net Worth 2019, Biography, Early Life, Education, Career and Achievement

Domo Wilson Net Worth 2019, Biography, Early Life, Education, Career and Achievement

Domo Wilson Net Worth – The internet knows no shortage of talents, many of whom can stand tall among others from the mainstream industries. It has equally launched numerous others whose size and commercial strength could comfortably compete with the traditional entertainers.

One of such talents is Domo Wilson, a YouTuber, musician, and comedian. She is known for her honest, and almost always hilarious posts on the video-sharing site. Learn more about her below.

Domo Wilson Net Worth 2019

Domo Wilson Net Worth

Early Life, Family and Education:

Domo Wilson was born on 24th June 1994 in Chicago, Illinois, Unites States. She is an American songwriter and also an instrumentalist.Her birth named was Dominique. She was brought up in Chicago. She is of an American nationality and of black ethnicity.

Personal Life:

Domo Wilson is very open about her sexuality and has revealed that she is a lesbian. When she was only at the age of five or six she came to know about her sexuality. At that small time, knowing about her sexuality she got scared because she did not know what to do with such feelings.

However, when she reached 7th grade she started loving and having much more feelings for girls and since then she has openly disclosed her sexual preference.

On 2010 October 12, she wrote a letter to her mother by describing her sexuality that she is not straight and is a lesbian. Luckily in response, her mother readily accepted her.

Domo Wilson Net Worth

Domo’s fiancé is Crissy Danielle. The couple got engaged in the year 2016 September. Soon the couple is going to be married but she said that they need some time to plan their big day. The couple first met during her freshman year of the high school.  In the year 2016 July, she announced that she was pregnant through the sperm bank.

Before Crissy, she also had a girlfriend. In July 2015, she had posted a tweet where she had mentioned about her ex but the named of that person was not mentioned. The reason behind posting that tweet, seemed like her ex-girlfriend had caused her some damage.


Domo Wilson Net Worth

Domo Wilson is a music as well as a comedy performer. To host a number of events at clubs and music she travels through the United States. She also delivers a motivational speech at schools too.

Domo Wilson along with Crissy Danielle collaboratively run a YouTube channel named Domo and Crissy. In early 2017, the channel has over 1.4 million subscribers. They upload video in YouTube once a week. The channel is so popular that in a day the channel gets over 30,000 views. Through the channel, they earn around $450 per day which makes $165,000 a year.

They have another channel and it is about vlogging. The channel has the increasing average of 1,000 subscribers every day. Across all its videos it is able to get an average of 350,000 views in a day. Which results in the revenue of about $600 per day which make $220,000 per annum from the advertisement.

Net worth:

The estimated net worth of Domo Wilson through the YouTube channel is about $150,000. YouTube pays about $2 to $5 per every 1,000 monetized views on a video.