Dolvett Quince Net Worth 2020, Bio, Relationship, and Career Updates

Dolvett Quince Net Worth 2020, Bio, Relationship, and Career Updates

Dolvett Quince Net Worth 2020, Bio, Relationship, and Career Updates.

Forty-four-year-old Dolvett Quince is a celebrity trainer and a TV personality who presents the show called ‘The Biggest Loser’. He aids people in losing to lose weight and soon started getting clients from the film industry. His weight loss and healthy lifestyle programs are a hit and his gentlemanly manners are liked by one and all.Dolvett Quince Net Worth 2020, Bio, Relationship, and Career Updates


Dolvett Quince’s birth was in Stamford, Connecticut on 20 August 1973. His father deserted the family when he was small and his mother was emotionally disturbed due to it and did not take care of the children. He has a brother and a sister. The siblings had to tend to themselves when help came their way from the child care services.

The children were put in foster care. They were fortunately adopted together by a Jamaican couple.

The children faced physical punishment at their adoptive parents’ home. The family moved to Florida and Dolvett started school along with his siblings. He completed his school. There are no details about his college life.


Dolvett Quince had a relationship with Sydney singer Tamara Jaber. He has a son with her called Isiah Quince. He loves his son deeply and does everything for him.

He is a role model as a father. Though Dolvett himself was unable to have a perfect fatherly figure in his life, he does want his son to get one and strives to give him a perfect childhood and love!


Dolvett Quince had gone through a difficult childhood and was raised by adoptive parents. He learned to accept things as they come along. He started from nothing. In 2004, he first opened his small gym called ‘Body Sculptor’ in Atlanta. His innovative ways became popular and gave him a rich collection of clientele. Talking about his fitness routines, Dolvett once said:

“I found a way and continue to do so every day to find my inner great. I’m here to help people do that.”

His gym and unique ways of assisting people to lose weight and remain fit were discussed once on a local radio station. This boosted his practice, career and he also started getting celebrity clients.


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