Diane Abbott Net Worth 2021 Update, Bio, Education, and Career

Diane Abbott Net Worth 2021 Update, Bio, Education, and Career.

Born in London in 1953, the daughter of immigrants, Diane Julie Abbott attended Harrow County grammar school, where she acted in a play opposite Michael Portillo, later to become a leading Conservative.

After school, Ms Abbott went on to Newnham College, Cambridge, graduating with a history degree.

She then worked at the Home Office, followed by a stint as a civil liberties campaigner and some time as a breakfast TV reporter.

Diane Abbott Net Worth

Biography and Early Life

Diane Abbott (Diane Julie Abbott), born 27 September 1953, is a British politician serving as the Shadow Home Secretary in the Shadow Cabinet of Jeremy Corbyn since 2016, and who has served as Member of Parliament for Hackney North and Stoke Newington since 1987.

At 16 I was preoccupied with GCSEs, though I was regarded as quite a naughty girl. I certainly wasn’t the teacher’s favorite.

I think now I’d be able to say to my younger self that that had a lot to do with being the only black girl in the class. That shaped the way the teacher looked at me. It took me years to understand that.

I’d definitely tell my younger self not to worry so much about not being a size six, not looking like Twiggy, and not having waist-length blonde hair.

I wish I’d realized beauty comes in all sorts of varieties. I fell for a lot of beauty myths of the time.

And when I look at old photographs of myself I see I wasn’t fat at all and I was much prettier than I remembered.

The Career of Diane Abbott

For much of her career Diane Abbott was known as something of a left-wing maverick MP who rebelled against the Blair-Brown governments numerous times on issues from a third runway for Heathrow, renewing the UK’s Trident nuclear submarine system, tuition fees and the war in Iraq.

After a long career on the backbenches, she was promoted to Ed Miliband’s front bench following her unsuccessful bid to become Labour leader in 2010.

When she announced her intention to run for the leadership, many at Westminster found the idea of her leading the opposition faintly surreal.

Yet Ms Abbott, a single mother and the 57-year-old MP for east London seat of Hackney North and Stoke Newington, maintained throughout that her bid was serious and that she actually wanted the job.

She argued that the leadership contest needs at least one runner who was not white and male, in recognition of the UK’s diversity.

In the end, she was eliminated in the first round of voting and failed to place in elections to the shadow cabinet in October 2010.

However, she was not to remain on the backbenches as Ed Miliband named her shadow minister for public health.

Diane Abbott has served as Labour MP for Hackney North and Stoke Newington since 1987. Recently in the December 2019 General Election, Diane received 39,972 votes, which equaled a 70.3% majority, retaining her seat.

Politics was Diane Abbott’s vocation and, at the 1987 general election – which was generally disappointing for Labour – Ms Abbott became the UK’s first black woman MP.

She gradually established a reputation as left-winger, becoming more and more troublesome to the party’s leadership as the New Labour project progressed.

Abbott often attacked Tony Blair, repeatedly rebelling against the party whip on issues such as tuition fees, civil liberties and the Iraq war.

Diane Abbott Net Worth

Net Worth

Diane Julie Abbott has been a bit quiet of late, but she’s earning money too. Abbott’s net worth is estimated to be $9 million.