David Laid Net Worth 2020, Bio, Relationship, and Career Updates

David Laid Net Worth 2020, Bio, Relationship, and Career Updates

David Laid Net Worth 2020, Bio, Relationship, and Career Updates.

David Laid is an Estonian-American fitness model bodybuilder and social Media personality, known mostly for his YouTube videos about transformation. It has over 935k followers on your Instagram profile and over 620k subscribers on your YouTube channel, originally designed with the username computer man91, for a completely different reason.David Laid Net Worth 2020, Bio, Relationship, and Career Updates


Born on 29 January 1998, at an unspecified location in Estonia, under the air sign of Aquarius, David Laid is a 21-year-old Estonian-American bodybuilder, fitness model and entrepreneur. He rose to fame mainly because of his transformation videos, which he uploaded to his personal YouTube channel in 2013.

Interestingly, David was never interested in lifting weights before he was a teenager, but was always much more of a gamer, which was his initial motivation to create channels on various content sharing platforms. A problem with his spine prompted him to join a gym.

This, combined with a massive growth spurt, made David realize the therapeutic effects of working out. After hearing comments about his appearance in public, he realized that he could make a career out of sculpting his body, and offering people advice on how to accomplish that.

Now, Laid is one of the most popular young faces in the fitness industry, especially amongst women and teenagers.


Laid is currently in a relationship with dancer and fitness enthusiast Julia Jackson – not much is known about David’s previous romantic endeavors. Aside from the occasional social media update, we also don’t know much about the relationship between him and Julia.

Despite being a notable fitness personality and celebrity, he avoids answering any personal questions. On multiple occasions, he politely reminded reporters and fans that he likes to keep his love life private.


Until beginning his own journey, he has spent much time reviewing Youtube videos on weight training and diet. He only wanted to build trust in himself in the beginning and become confident with his own body. He began to exercise for physical growth and soon felled into the strength of his ideal body, which was an integral part of his transformation.

After shopping on YouTube with the video title ‘ David Laid 18 months of transform 14-15 years old,’ he became an internet sensation and posted on 13 December 2013. He subsequently posted the new video about his transformation called’ David Laid 3 Year Natural Transformation 14-17,’ which had been uploaded on the 14th August 2015.

The channel has been gradually expanding in the last six years and now has a whopping 620k subscriber. The most common question any bodybuilder faces constantly is whether they make their mechanics normal or on steroids. It is also quickly the 1 million follower mark at Instagram. It’s no different for David Laid as he made his early videos famous.


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Net Worth

Have you ever wondered how affluent David Laid is? According to several reputable sources, he has a net worth of over $125,000, as of mid-2019, accumulated by becoming a YouTube superstar and subsequently developing his own brand.

His eBook sales have also contributed to the fortune he earned. By looking at his YouTube videos, it’s also safe to assume that at least a part of his revenue comes from placing ads on videos.

If he continues to work hard and build his brand even further, there is no doubt that this figure is an under-estimate, or that the ‘official’ figure will increase considerable in the near future.

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