David Freiburger Net Worth 2019, Biography, Early Life, Education and Career

David Freiburger Net Worth 2019, Biography, Early Life, Education and Career 

David Freiburger Net Worth You should and must know about this Legend if you have a look at auto repairs and modification. The popular 2014 chief editor of the automotive program Hot Rod Garage is the American TV host David Freiburger.

He has previously been the editor of Car Craft, Rod & Custom and 4-Wheels & Off-Road motor programs. Let’s talk about his net worth, career, married life and wife before you resume everything in his wiki-bio.

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David Freiburger Net Worth 2019

David Freiburger Net Worth

Early Life, Family and Education:

David Freiburger ‘s website, Roadkill, is best known for hosting the motor-trend streaming service. As editor of Hot Rod and Hot Rod Deluxe magazines, he has also doubled his dozens of publications as the success of both entities.

David Freiburger was born in the United States of America on 21 August 1946. In his entire life, he never held a job outside of the car context.

David took his first job at a Dodge dealer parts counter after graduating from high school. His next job was at one of his aftermarket firms and finally, he worked at the Petersen Publishing as Hot Rod Staff Editor in 1991.

Then for several more years, David held the same editorial post for other shows. He’s been a TV and Radio host and Chief Editor for many years at Hot Rod.

In addition, after landing several landing records, he is a member of the Bonneville 200 Mph club.

Early Life & Inspiration; David’s Dad

David and some customer of his father, including Plymouth, Goodyear, and Pontiac, were exposed to many races as children in Ontario and Riverside. In the 12-year-old Mercedes 300S Cabriolet Mercedes ‘ 53 his father Jim used to drive the three-martini lunches, a cool thing for David. His father bought a Jaguar vintage in 1977, where his family took a vacation after the vehicle arrived.

An article entitled Where I started–An Hommage to my father at the Hotrod Network was also published by the automotive enthusiast on 26 July 2018.

He spoke about fond memories with his fellow dad in his early days. In Hollywood, his father had a commercial television production company.

Personal Life:

David Freiburger is a man who is married. He spoke about his wife in a Facebook post on 5 March 2011. David said he saw Craiglist the coolest thing, and if he bought it, his wife would make him live in it.

In addition, David Freiburger is not hiding the fact that he was married. On 5 March 2011, when he spoke about his family in a Facebook post, he spread the beans about his wife.

Any information concerning the wife, family or children of David Freiburger is kept top secret. Besides disclosing that he is a married man, David has never disclosed anything about his children. Whether he’s got them or not is not known.


Since early 2000, David Freiburger has collected the largest portion of his revenues.

He also received a lucrative salary as editor-in-chief of the Hot Rod magazine, with an average annual salary of 81,456 dollars according to Paysa.

David also earns money from David Freiburger, its YouTube channel with over 35,629 subscribers. The Youtube videos contain car content from the modification of the vehicle to the speed test.

His channel on YouTube has generated a decent income. In late 2010 at the age of 64, he began his channel.

David is an outstanding figure because of the fleet of cars that he owns. They are classic high-end cars, full of glamor and pomp. Bomb Camaro is one of his most excellent cars.

David Freiburger Net Worth

The interest of David was inspired by Jim Freiburger, his father. After his introduction to the automotive and entertainment industries, he became interested.

An incident changed and changed his whole life as his father helped him change his rod on the Flathead. You may say that David is an old block chip because he has followed his father’s exact footsteps.

He does all that his father did, and he is obvious to be his role model. In brief, David Freiburger is 72, and he is a highly praiseworthy man.