Dave Turin Net Worth 2020, Bio, Wiki, Height, Weight, Awards and Instagram

Dave Turin Net Worth 2020, Bio, Wiki, Height, Weight, Awards, and Instagram

Dave Turin Net Worth 2020 – Dave Turin has spent a greater part of his life quarrying and mining as a means of survival and also as something he enjoys doing.

The civil engineer and TV personality are known for his exploits in the reality series, Gold Rush, which airs on the Discovery channel.

Dave Turin Net Worth 2019


He was born David Turin on April 21, 1959. Before quarrying came into the picture, Dave was a sportsman and was quite remarkable during his school days.

He played football in high school and also took his skills to college, making a name for himself in the sports. We do not have the names of his schools, but in the 90s, Dave acquired a degree in Civil Engineering.

Afterward, he joined his family – his father and three brothers – in the rock quarry in Oregon.

David worked at the family quarry for over twenty-five years before joining the Hoffman Crew on the Gold Rush reality series.

The Hoffman Crew, led by Todd Hoffman is made up of miners from the rugged Hoffman family.

Having such long years of experience qualified Dave Turin as a consultant. And as a quarry pro, Turin was brought in a couple of times by Hoffman for consultancy and advice.

It happened that in the first season of their gold mining, he helped the team revamp their Alaskan operation. The Jim-Nail Placer mine was in a mess and Hoffman had to consult the services of the quarry expert.

After a successful operation, he was asked by Todd to join the crew full time. In the second season, Dave left his family quarry and joined the miners with the intention of raising them to an enviable standard.

He wanted to help the team bring gold back by all means, and leaving the Turin quarry would only let him focus on that goal.

He worked with Todd for three seasons helping them with mining and most importantly; providing mining expertise and consultancy services.

However, in the fourth, the team had their worst mining season in Guyana. After all toiling, neither Dave nor the group could boast of a tangible turn out.

Dave was frustrated and in season 5, he left them and joined Dodge Crew’s – Freddy and Derek Dodge for the mining season at the Carmacks claim.

He worked with them for a little while before going back again to Todd Hoffman. The 5th and 6th seasons were quite productive for the Hoffman crew.

Height and Weight

Dave Turin’s age 59 years (as in 2019), height Unknown & weight Not Available.


Dave Turin Net Worth 2019

Dave Turin’s greatest achievement is his appearance in different seasons of Alaska. He has worked at the popular quarry and did mining works, gaining achievements.

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Net Worth

Dave Turin Net Worth 2019

Dave Turin has an estimated net worth of $3.5 million. He has made most of his fortune with his works as an American based engineer.