Darrell Ward Net Worth 2020, Bio, Wiki, Height, Weight, Awards and Instagram

Darrell Ward Net Worth 2020, Bio, Wiki, Height, Weight, Awards, and Instagram.

Darrell Ward Net Worth 2020 Darrell Ward was a famous television personality, who was best-known for his work as a truck driver in the Ice Road Truckers.

He was a television personality on the same. Sadly, he died in a plane crash.

Darrell Ward Net Worth


Darrell Ward was born on 13 August 1964, in Rock Creek, Montana USA, and was a reality television personality as well as a truck driver, best known for being one of the stars of the television TV series “Ice Road Truckers” until his death in 2012.

His passing attracted a lot of attention due to his popularity, and the peculiar nature of his death.

Very little information is known about Darrell’s childhood, his education, and his life before finding popularity on television. It is known that he was born in Rock Creek, but later settled in Deer Lodge, Montana.

He found the opportunity to gain solid income through truck driving in the area, mainly specializing in driving seasonal routes during the winters. This specialty would eventually land him a role in the reality TV series “Ice Road Truckers”.

“Ice Road Truckers” began airing in 2007 on the History Channel, the concept beginning as an episode of “Dangerous Missions”, and featuring drivers operating on seasonal routes in the remote Arctic territories of Alaska and Canada, often traversing frozen rivers and lakes during this period.

The remote Dalton Highway was also featured during some of its seasons, which mainly consisted of snow-covered solid ground. In recent seasons, coverage has been on the winter roads of Manitoba.

They also took inspiration from the book entitled “Denison’s Ice Road”, which is about the dangerous job of driving trucks over frozen bodies of water, often referred to as ice roads in the Northwest Territories of Canada.

The show is created by Thom Beers who also produced “Deadliest Catch” which focused on fishing in dangerous waters and gained a lot of good reviews.

A season of “Ice Road Truckers” follows several men over six months, as they travel to haul vital supplies for mines and remote populations.

The show attracted a huge number of viewers, and critics reviews, leading it to be aired on other networks as well, and in other countries including Britain, the Netherlands, Australia, and Canada.

It became the most-watched original telecast during the 12 years of History Channel at the time.

While the show has mentioned real accidents and fatal outcomes, not one of them has ever been featured.

Ward started appearing in the show during its sixth season and would return for subsequent series. His last appearance was during the 12th season, before his accident.

When he came to the show he had over 30 years of trucking experience, including driving the Dalton Highway and driving logging trucks in the Rocky Mountains.

He became one of the most popular drivers of the show, and many mourned his passing.

Height and Weight

Statistics put Darrell Ward height as 1.82 m and weight 81 kg approx.


Darrell Ward Net Worth

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Не lіvеd а ѕhоrt lіfе, but hе lіvеd а quаlіtу lіfе! Не dіd whаt hе lоvеd! Тruсkіng wаѕ а bіg раrt оf hіѕ lіfе, аnd hе сhоѕе іt аѕ а саrееr.

Іѕn’t thаt еnоugh? Тhеrе аrе vеrу fеw реорlе, whо сhаѕе thеіr drеаmѕ аnd dо whаt thеу асtuаllу lоvе!.


Net Worth

Darrell Ward Net Worth

Darrell was famous for his show called, Ice Road Truckers. He had a net worth of $500 thousand.

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