Damon Dash Net Worth 2020, Biography, Career and Achievement

Damon Dash Net Worth 2020, Biography, Career and Achievement.

Damon Dash Net Worth – Dame Dash, also known as Damon Dash is a record producer, entrepreneur, and actor. He is well-known as the co-founder of the now-defunct Roc-a-fella records.

Damon Dash Net Worth 2020Damon Dash Net Worth 2020, Biography, Early Life, Education, Career

Early Life, Family and Education:

Damon Dash was born on May 3, 1971, in New York City. Losing his mom to an asthma attack at the age of 15, Damon took up odd jobs to afford some of his needs including shoes and clothing.

Among those jobs included selling newspapers and sweeping the floors of barbershops. In order to get a better education, Dash was sent to attend a private school.

Personal Life:

In 2005, Dash got married to Rachel Roy. Before the marriage, Dash was dating Aaliyah since from 1999 until her death in 2001.

Even as they were not engaged before the beautiful singer lost her life in a plane crash, Dash had come out to reveal that before Aaliyah’s death, they were supposed to get married.

He went on to reveal that losing the “One in a Million” singer hasn’t just affected his relationships, but also his entire life.

It was after the death of Aaliyah that he went on to later build a relationship with Rachel Roy when she worked with Roca wear that he co-founded with Jay Z. The marriage was only able to survive until 2009 when it bitterly broke away after the couple had Tallulah Ruth Dash (2008) and Ava Dash who was born in 1991.

At the end of it all, Dash lost the battle to his ex-wife. Although the cause of the divorce was not given, in an event that is most likely not related, rumors on social media had dragged on that Jay Z might have cheated on his wife with Rachel Roy and it was she that Beyonce was referring to in her song Sorry, in which she made a mention of Becky with the good hair.


He later ventured into drug dealing but abandoned it after losing many friends. He then developed a passion for music and began producing music and promoting artists, in the process he met a rapper who would turn out to become Jay Z. As Jay-Z’s manager, Damon Dash organized a tour that made $20 million in profits.

Together with Jay Z, they founded Roc-A-Fella records which turned out to be a multi-million dollar music label. A music mogul once worth $50 million, Dash lived lavish and began to branch out into different businesses including clothing line Rocawear which generated an annual revenue of about $450 million.

Achievement:Damon Dash Net Worth 2020, Biography, Early Life, Education, Career

Damon Dash is an American record producer, entrepreneur and music executive who has a net worth of $2 million. Armadale Vodka sales skyrocketed, film production and marketing.

Unfortunately, Dash and Jay-Z’s relationship began to grow sour at Damon’s peril, causing his finances to nosedive gradually.

After the divorce, there was a very heavy, dirty, and public fight on social media and in the law courts as regards who was to have custody of the children.

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