Chrisley Family Members and Net Worth 2019, Biography, Early Life, Education, Career and Achievement

Chrisley Family Members and Net Worth 2019, Biography, Early Life, Education, Career and Achievement

Chrisley Family Members and Net Worth – Todd Chrisley is an American businessman and reality television personality who has a net worth of negative $5 million dollars.

 Chrisley Family Members and Net Worth 2019

Chrisley Family Members and Net Worth

Savannah Chrisley Family Members:

Savannah Chrisley Husband

Nic Kerdiles (fiance since 2018)

Date of birth: January 11, 1994

 Chrisley Family Members and Net Worth

Savannah Chrisley opened up about her new relationship in January, 2018. Then she posted a pic of herself and Nic Kerdiles and congratulated her loved one on his birthday. The beauty devoted her boyfriend a lot of sweet kind words. Obviously, she is so attached to him!

Nicolas Kerdiles could become the best choice for any woman. He is so young and has already become successful and popular! He rose to fame as a professional ice hockey player. The young man was drafted in 2012 by the Anaheim Ducks. Since then he developed his skills and performed for NFL. As for now, he plays for the Winnipeg Jets.

He was born in Lewisville, TX. When the boy turned 6, his parents moved to Irvine, California. He started to play hockey at a primary school age. Then he continued to train at University of Wisconsin–Madison. Having started to play professionally in 2012, the young athlete demonstrated outstanding performance, for which he got MVP title in 2013.

As for now, the man plays for Manitoba-based team “Winnipeg Jets”. In August, 2018 he was signed by the team managers for 2 years.

On December 24, 2018 Nic proposed to his girlfriend in her Nashville house, in front of Savannah and Nic’s parents and friends, who came there to celebrate Christmas. And she agreed to marry him!


Who are Savannah Chrisley parents?

Todd Chrisley (father)

Date of birth: April 6, 1969

 Chrisley Family Members and Net Worth

As his wife tells about Todd, “he is a boss”. The incredibly successful businessman, who reached high level of wealth and great position in society, built his successful brand with his own hands. No wonder, that he had great expectations as for his wife and kids. And Savannah, as well as her siblings, lives under this pressure.

Todd was born in Georgia, but spent the major part of his childhood in South Carolina. He met Julie, Savannah mother, and married her. After that the man moved to Atlanta and started a family there. He had almost nothing, but his strong wish to be a provider for his family, which helped him reach success. He founded Chrisley Asset Management, the company, which deals with real estate. Todd developed his company, worked hard and gained the status of a wealthy businessman.

He opened the doors of his 30, 000 sq. ft mansion in front of the cameras. Todd, his wife and kids became the participants of a reality TV show “Chrisley Knows Best”, which gained incredible popularity. Chrisleys demonstrated their lavish lifestyle without hesitating.

Although in 2012 Todd announced himself a bankrupt (following 2008 year crises in real estate area), he still remains a rich and affluent person, who earns piles of dollars from the show.

Todd and Julie seem to be made for each other. But this beautiful blonde woman is not Todd’s first attempt to become happy. Previously he was married to a school sweetheart Teresa Terry. They wedded, when he was 21 and she was 19. Two young people had two kids together – a daughter Lindsie and a son Kyle. But then they divorced. Later Teresa accused her ex in being physically abusive.

In fact, a multimillionaire Todd doesn’t show any sign of disrespect to his current wife and kids. But he confesses that he has really high standards, and very often it annoys his family members.

Julie Chrisley (mother)

Date of birth: January 9, 1973

 Chrisley Family Members and Net Worth

Born Julie Hughes spent her childhood and teen years in South Carolina. They say, the woman inherited her gorgeous look from her mother, who was a queen of beauty, and her intelligence from her father, who served as a Baptist minister.

The girl grew up in poverty – her parents lived from hand to mouth, so Hughes family resided in a trailer. In her teens Julie passed through a tragedy – her brother committed a suicide.

The woman met her first husband Kenneth Wayne Childress at a high school. They briefly dated and then tied a knot, being just 18-year-old teenagers. Of course, such a marriage didn’t work. The woman cheated her husband with Todd Chrisley, and that led to a fight between men. After that Julie divorced from her first husband and in 1996 married Savannah’s father.

At first they had no money, and Julie tried a number of odd jobs to support her family. Later she became her husband’s business partner, and they started to make money together.

Till now Julie remains a strong independent woman in spite of her status of a millionaire wife. She is her husband’s friend, but she never tries to fulfill each his whim. Thus, she cooks food she likes, even if Todd hates it!

She legally adopted her husband’s kids from the previous marriage.


Savannah Chrisley Siblings:

Lindsie Chrisley Campbell (older half-sister)

Date of birth: September 17, 1989

 Chrisley Family Members and Net Worth

As her father tells, Lindsie is beautiful, but bitchy. She is Savannah’s older half-sister. The girl was born in a short-lived family of Todd Chrisley and Teresa Terry.

Lindsie comes from South Carolina. She studied at a high school, when she met Will Campbell and fell in love with him. They secretly wedded in 2012 without the parents’ permission and without the prenup. This situation annoyed the patriarch of the family Todd Chrisley. He told in the first episode of “Chrisley Knows Best” that he hates his son-in-law, but likes his grandson – Lindsie and Will son – Jackson, who was born 5 months after his parents’ marriage.

In 2016 Lindsie announced her separation from Will. She explained in the interview, that he was her first love; they were too young at the moment of their marriage and were developing in different directions. But in 2018 the couple reconciled in order to save their marriage.

Kyle Chrisley (older half-brother)

Date of birth: August 29, 1991

 Chrisley Family Members and Net Worth

Kyle is Todd’s eldest son from his first marriage. He is Savannah’s older half-brother. He annoyed his controlling dad, having a love affair with a married woman, which took place at Samoa, where the young man went with a charity mission.

During many years Kyle lived by his father’s cost, and it caused conflicts between them. He resided in the house of his paternal grandmother Faye.

The young man gained popularity as the star of family series “Chrisley Knows Best”. He featured in the first season of the show, but later left it because of his drug addiction. Kyle’s problems caused a number of series altercations with his father. One day the young man was sent to police after his threatening to kill his dad.

Although Kyle didn’t reconcile with his father, stepmother and siblings, he managed to get rid of an addiction. He stays sober for more than 3 years as for now. The young man married to Alexus Whilby and not long ago they bought a small house to start a family. The couple doesn’t have common kids yet, but Kyle has already become a father. He has 6-year-old daughter Chloe with a former girlfriend Angela Johnson.

Chase Chrisley (older brother)

Date of birth: June 1, 1996

 Chrisley Family Members and Net Worth

Chase and his younger sister Savannah seem very close. At least, two siblings do their best to annoy their controlling father together.

The handsome man, who is named as “the young copy of his dad”, is the first common child of Todd and Julie Chrisley. He boasts with the status of his father’s favorite kid.

The boy was born in South Carolina. He studied at a private Christian school, where was taught to live in the right way. Till now Chase remains a very religious person. He values his family most of all, in spite of the quarrels, which take place between Chrisleys from time to time.

After graduation from school the boy entered a college. He gained popularity there as a talented athlete and a Lovelace.

Previously he dated Brooke Noury, but the couple split. Since then Chase keeps his private life in secret, but he opened up in his interview, that he had been dating one and the same woman for a couple of years.

Grayson Chrisley (younger brother)

Date of birth: May 16, 2006

 Chrisley Family Members and Net Worth

He is the youngest child in the family and “the main love of his mother’s life” as Julie confesses on the show.

The boy enjoys all the privileges of a rich life, and he tells that he “loves his lifestyle” during the first episode of the show. No wonder, because the boy enjoys the most luxurious things in the world. At the age of 4 he had already got the first iPhone and owns lots of expensive toys, which he keeps in his game room.

He was going to the first grade during the debut episode of “Chrisley Knows Best”. The boy in the youngest of 5 siblings and it makes him the favorite member of the family for all Chrisleys. His sister Savannah adores him and is very close with him.