Chaz Dean Net Worth 2020, Bio, Wiki, Height, Weight, Awards and Instagram

Chaz Dean Net Worth 2020, Bio, Wiki, Height, Weight, Awards and Instagram

Chaz Dean Net Worth 2020 – Chaz Dean is an American photographer, hair specialist, actor and a rising business person. He is widely popular as the founder of WEN Company which manufactures hair products.

Chaz Dean Net Worth 2019


Chaz Dean was born on July 23, 1974 and was adopted as a child by his parents. He grew up in different states namely Arizona, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and California in his early years.

In the eighties he finally settled in Los Angeles. He is an avid photographer known for his pictures and abstract photographs which prompts viewers to ask ‘What is this’?

Chaz Dean is tall and handsome guy who though active in social media like instagram where he has thousands of followers, yet he has no shared information about himself on Wikipedia or IMDb. He has nurtured his talent for hair styling by enrolling into Cosmetology School and getting a certification.

Chaz Dean has attended different commercial photography courses to further his interest in photography. But his main vocation remains hair styling and related jobs where he has excelled and achieved a celebrity status.

Chaz Dean started his career as a photographer of various subjects and themes which he posted on websites. He also earned his Cosmetology certification and opened a Salon. His style of work, his expertise and his knack of establishing instant rapport with his clients gradually made him much sought after hair stylist.

He developed his trade systematically by introducing different hair care products and cosmetics. His salon caters to mainly celebrities and rich people.

His previous experience working with a large firm to develop their cosmetic products range came as a timely support and gave him confidence to buy his own salon in the Bel area of Los Angeles. He renovated it and introduced high-value clientele. Later he relocated to an upmarket area and named his Salon as ‘Chaz Salon’.

He focussed on developing his business by giving customised and high-value services which attracted Hollywood celebrities and rich people to his Salon. His style of work and his personalised treatment of his clients has firmly established him as a celebrated and much sought after hair stylist.

As his clientele grew, he introduced his own range of hair products and cosmetics under brand name ‘Wen’. These were natural extract shampoos and related hair care products. He continued to innovate and improve his product formulations which he claims have a positive effect on hair damaged by chemical laden hair products.

His shampoos and soap formulations were reinforced by botanical ingredients which can transform even the damaged and dry hair. His shampoos are free from sulphates, surfactants and detergents and nourishes the hair.

Height and Weight

Height180 cm
Weight72 kilo


Chaz Dean Net Worth 2019

Chaz Dean’s celebrity clients include Charlize Thereon, Ben Foster, Nicolette Sheridan, Juliana Margulies and Alyssa Milano,

He has appeared in TV show QVC to promote his line of hair care products called ‘Wen’.

He has also appeared on Bravo’s ‘Flipping Out’ series alongside interior designer Jeff Lewis.

In May 2017 Chaz Dean and actress Sharon Stone were honoured for their cancer control work by- The Associates of breast and prostate cancer studies at their 16th annual mother’s day ceremony at Beverly Hills.


He has 38K followers on Instagram.

Net Worth

Chaz Dean Net Worth 2019

Chaz Dean’s Net Worth is estimated $120 million. His earnings mainly come from his Salon business.

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