Bunker Hill Community College Tuition, Courses And Jobs

Bunker Hill Community College is regarded as one of the best and largest community colleges in Massachusetts, enrolling more than 19,000 students on its campuses.

The community college has two main campuses in addition to three satellite campuses namely Charlestown Campus, Chelsea Campus, Malden Satellite and Everett High School Instructional Site.

Boston Hill Community College acronymized as BHCC was founded in 1973 and fully accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges. It is one of the most affordable community college in Massachusetts and offer more than 100 courses with certificate programs, associate degree programs and transfer programs that enable the student make a smooth transition into a 4-year program educational institution.

The maximum age for entry into BHCC is 26, the college has flexible time as most students work part time or full time while attending the institution. It is one of the most diverse and international student friendly institutions in Boston as it enrolls more than 1000 foreign students comprising African-American, Caucasian and Latinos who come from about 105 countries and speak more than 75 languages.

Being located in one of the oldest cities in the United States and having a thriving metropolis has certain perks. The city of Boston has more than 100 colleges and as a result the city is filled with young graduates, students and young professionals giving the city a vibrant vibe to it and a suitable place for learning. The supply of colleges has also made the city a perfect ground for innovations and research, and a home to a dozen museums, art organizations and major sports teams. Some of BHCC popular alumnus are Misael Carrasquillo who earned a meritorious award serving as a US marine in Afghanistan in 2011, Dana Rosenblatt a boxer, Stephen Stat Smith a state representative, Bob Kelly a comedian and many others.

Why BHCC is the best community college for you

As I said in the beginning of this article, the state of Massachusetts has 15 community colleges and BHCC tops the best in terms of educational excellence and considered the largest. If you’ve your eyes set on BHCC, I think that’s a wonderful choice and you should definitely go with it. Below are some reasons why BHCC is a perfect choice for you;

  • Affordability: With an affordable tuition of $7.323 annually and about 67% of its students on financial aid, BHCC becomes the perfect solution for inter-low-income earners.
  • Diversity: BHCC is regarded as one of the most diversified college in Massachusetts. The institution values its international students and incorporate programs that is friendly to them, having more than 1000 foreign students from about 105 countries makes BHCC a cosmopolitan institution. With an active international center which provides international and intercultural programs to all BHCC students, faculties and staff as well, and offer a range of practical, academic and personal services to international students. Its international center was awarded the International & Intercultural Achievement award by the American Council for International Intercultural Education, in recognition of its excellence.
  • Small classes: With only 19 persons per class, students are able to learn in a healthy, knowledge infused environment.
  • Flexibility: Students at BHCC can combine education with either working part or full time. With about 5 campuses all together, students have a variety of options. It also offers day, evening and online based classes. Students may personalize these options to suit their needs and lifestyles.
  • Easy admission and high acceptance rate: The College makes it easy for you to gain admission with a 100% acceptance rate. The staff and faculty heads are helpful and friendly to applicants of the College with an aim to make the admission process easy and stress-free.

Bunker Hill Community College tuition

The average tuition and fees of Massachusetts residents in Bunker Hill Community College (BHCC) is $4,704 and out of State students pay $9,648.  There’s also availability of grant or scholarships aid

Bunker Hill Community College Job

Job offer is available for the following the following position at BHCC:

Adjunct Faculty

Associate Dean of the Library and Learning Commons

Associate Provost in Charlestown Campus

Chief Equity and Compliance Officer (CECO)

AAPI Success Coach (Academic Counselor)-Advising & Life Map-reopen

Special Programs Coordinator-Student Center Bunker Hill Community College Email

Qualified applicants must align with Bunker Hill Community College institutional values such as excellence and innovation, economic and social justice, inclusiveness and equity, civic engagement and service, kindness and respect, and accountability and transparency. Applicants must be committed in investing in the social and economic well-being of all students

Bunker Hill Community College Email

Staff, Faculty, and Students of Bunker Hill Community College can access the institution via email on https://email.bhcc.edu/owa or studentcentral@bhcc.edu.

Students seeking enquiries about admission can email admissions@bhcc.edu

Bunker Hill Community College Nursing

Nursing Program in Bunker Hill Community College is accredited by the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission (N.L.N.A.C.) and approved by the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Nursing.

Admission Requirements for the nursing program includes a High School diploma or GED with credits in College Writing, Anatomy and Physiology, Chemistry, Fundamentals of Algebra

Bunker Hill Community College Address

The community college is located at 250 Rutherford Ave, Boston, MA 02129, United States

Bunker Hill Community College Academic calendar

Classes for Summer 2020 starts on June 1

Classes for fall 2020 starts on September 8

Classes for the Winter 2021 Session begins on January 4

Classes for the Spring 2021 session starts on January 25

Classes for the Summer 2021 session starts June 7

Bunker Hill Community College Hours

The college is opened on Monday to Friday from 9am – 5am. The college observes all public holiday in the US.

Bunker Hill Community College Courses

The college offers 2-3-year courses ranging from economics, nursing, psychology, etc.

Bunker Hill Community College Admission

As pointed out severally in this article, BHCC is an ideal place for international students. More than 24% of its admitted students are foreigners from over 100 countries making BHCC the most ideal place to you. If you want to study in an institution that offers excellent programs with an outstanding faculty, individualized attention and opportunities to make life-long relationships, BHCC is ideal for you. The following are required from international students;

  1. Transcripts from all the schools you have attended. If the documents are not in English, it must be translated to English by a translation agency.
  2. For international students who are not well versed in English or English language not being their first language, they must submit a test showing proficiency in English language or if English language was the primary language in the college you attended, a test result in English language, developmental reading or even literature in English will be sufficient to show proficiency in English language. Provided the test result is a grade C. A letter from the principal of the English-speaking institution you attended attesting proficiency in English language will suffice. Boston residents that can satisfy the language proficiency test can contact the international center to learn other options. Students from English speaking countries like Nigeria, Canada, United Kingdom, are exempted from the test.
  3. Bank or financial statements; applicants must submit bank statements showing that they can afford tuition and housing expenses for at least a year. Such bank statements must not be more than 6 months and in case of students sponsored by an organization or a government agency, a letter of financial guarantee will suffice.
  4. Copy of passport; Note: international students with F-1 Visa must be enrolled as full-time students in accordance to US immigration laws. Full time studies are required to take a minimum of 12 credit course. For programs with less than 12 credit courses, students might be required to take on more coursework to satisfy the immigration law.

Forms to fill as an international student;

  1. Affidavit of support form: This is necessary for international students being sponsored by either a Government agency, organization or company. This form is accompanied with a bank statement not less than 6 months.
  2. 1-20 extension application form.
  3. Invitation letter information: This letter is necessary if the student wishes to invite family members to visit.
  4. Last semester status application.
  5. Overview request for reduced course load due to a medical condition if applicable.
  6. Reduced course load form.
  7. Transfer request form

All these forms can be filled online at Bunker Hill Community College website

Bunker Hill Community Acceptance rate 2020

BHCC is an open admission policy institution. This means that the college has an acceptance rate of 100%

Bunker Hill Community College Scholarship

To be eligible for the Bunker Hill Community College Scholarship, applicants must be;

Matriculated and enrolled full time (12 credits or more) at BHCC at the time of application, unless otherwise noted in the scholarship eligibility criteria;

Attending BHCC during the Spring 2020 semester;

Have no In-Progress (IP) grades at the time of the scholarship application deadline; and

Have earned the minimum number of credits and/or cumulative GPA as specified for each scholarship.

When scholarship eligibility criteria require a minimum number of credits or grade point average earned, only college level courses (numbered 100 and above) taken at Bunker Hill Community College and applicable toward a degree or certificate program will be considered.

All students are welcome to apply regardless of status. Find Bhcc scholarship application forms here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What GPA do you need to get into bunker hill community college?

BHCC is an open admission policy institution. There is requirement threshold for GPA, SAT or ACT.  Applicants with a High School Diploma/GED are considered for admission.  New admission is often granted continually throughout the year.

Where is Bunker Hill Community College?

The college is located in Massachusetts, precisely at 250 Rutherford Ave, Boston, MA 02129, United States

Bunker Hill Community College how to get a Syllabus?

The college operates a 9-week syllabus.  Find more information here.

How much does the dean at bunker hill community college make?

A dean at BHCC makes an average salary of $82,892 annually. This is 10% Above national average. The Salary is estimated from past and present employees’ salaries in the past 36 months.