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Bryan Tanaka Net Worth 2020, Bio, Relationship, and Career Updates.

Bryan Tanaka Net Worth 2020, Bio, Relationship, and Career Updates.

Bryan Tanaka is a dancer and choreographer who has worked with well-known celebrities like Rihanna, Beyoncé, and Mariah Carey. His dancing skill has also led him to garner a Grammy Award.Bryan Tanaka Net Worth 2020, Bio, Relationship, and Career Updates


Tanaka was born in the year 1983 on April 11th. Tanaka did originate from Lacey, Washington, United States of America. He began his career as a dancer of Mariah. He was a background dancer. If you are a big fan of Mariah Carey, you may have noticed a ripped performer in the background. Well, that is Tanaka. Tanaka is yet to get married officially.

He is currently dating Mariah Carey. He does love to keep a shallow profile concerning his life. His early details are hard to get, but that is one of the reasons that is causing stir concerning his personal life. Before they began dating with Mariah Carey, Mariah was dating a billionaire businessman by the name James Packer.

They broke up, and Mariah decided to date Tanaka even though he was older than Tanaka. Tanaka and Mariah have been severally spending some quality time together, touring and also travelling to previous parts of the world.

Their relationship has been a center of controversy. In one of Mariah’s reality shows by the name ‘Mariah’s World,’ she did start crying, and she threw her engagement ring away, and she ran straight into the arms of Bryan. Together, the two left for Hawaii to spend some quality time.


If you take a keen look at the Tanaka Instagram account, he is not shy of showing romance to Mariah despite the difference in their age. His mind has a lot of pictures of them partying, clubbing, and being able to make memories.

Tanka has a very young brother by the name Danny Storey Tanaka. After only five months of dating, the two called it quits. This was in April 2017.

Their breakup was a result of so many issues ranging from infidelity, Mariah getting cozy with her ex-husband Nick Cannon. In late 2017, the two were spotted together, and it is unclear if the two are dating again.


Bryan Tanaka began his career as a backup dancer for the famous musician by the name Beyonce. Later, he joined Mariah Carey’s team. This was in the year 2006. Mariah was on her trip to Miami Tour.

With this team, he was able to rise to different categories of links. The highest position was being the creative director. When the E asked him! News, why Mariah allowed him to join the team, was because she had spotted very raw talents that could do very well.


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Net WorthBryan Tanaka Net Worth 2020, Bio, Relationship, and Career Updates

As of June 2020, Tanaka has a net worth of over $500 thousand. This wealth has been able to come from various. Among them include being a dancer and choreographer. He has grown his skills in dancing and choreographer. This has played a huge role in increasing her net worth.

Tanaka continues to be very active in various social media. He has had the love for posting photos on Instagram, which is something that he does daily. He does keep a pet by the name Mila. He has always had this love for being able to do various outdoor activities.

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