Bruce Springsteen Height, Weight, Age, Career, Relationship, Award and Net Worth 2019

Bruce Springsteen Height, Weight, Age, Career, Relationship, Award and Net Worth 2019

Bruce Springsteen Net Worth – Rock star Bruce Springsteen is a popular American singer, prolific songwriter, guitarist and recording artist. He became popular because of his unique and creative songwriting ability; his songs are meatier, encompassing more stories, views and passion in them.

Bruce Springsteen Height


Age: 67 years

Height: 177 cm (5 ft 8)

Weight: 77 kg or 169 pounds


Bruce Springsteen Height

Bruce Springsteen started performing with various bands until finally in 1970 well-known ‘San Francisco Examiner’ music critic Philip Elwood gave him a compliment by depicting him as a most remarkable composer.
Starting in 1970, he tried to form various bands that didn’t pan out until two years later, he caught the attention of the music people like Mike Appel, Jim Cretecos, and John Hammond who worked together at sealing him a record deal with ‘Columbia Records’.
‘Crawdaddy’ magazine editor Peter Knobler interviewed him in 1973 and remarked that ‘He sings with a freshness and urgency I haven’t heard.’

Boston’s ‘The Real Paper’ music critic Jon Landau saw his performance at the ‘Harvard Square Theater’ in 1974, and commented that Bruce Springsteen is the future of rock and roll.

In 1975, Springsteen and the ‘E Street Band’ began a show at New York’s ‘Bottom Line Club’. It was so well-attended and popular that the ‘Rolling Stone’ magazine recorded the event as ‘One of the 50 Moments That Changed Rock and Roll’.
Also in 1975, his third album, ‘Born to Run’, catapulted him to fame when it hit ‘Billboard 200’ at No.3. He was on the covers of both ‘Time’ and ‘Newsweek’ magazines simultaneously, something that previously only happened to world leaders. A law suit between him and former Manager Mike Appel kept him out of the studio for nearly a year in 1977.

‘Born in the USA,’ made a sale of 45 million copies worldwide in 1984, ending up as one of the best-selling albums with seven singles hitting the Top 10.

He released the much slower and more reflective ‘Tunnel of Love’ album in 1987. He performed at the ‘Tunnel of Love Express Tour’ at the ‘Radrennbahn Weißensee’ in East Berlin which was attended by 300,000 followers.
Springsteen was elevated into the ‘Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’ in 1999.

In 2008, he sang the song ‘Working on a Dream’ in a duet with Scialfa in support of Barack Obama’s presidential campaign.

He performed at the halftime show at ‘Super Bowl XLIII’ on February 1, 2009.
During the years 2012-2014 the singer released two albums titled ‘Wrecking Ball’ and ‘High Hopes’. The 2014 album ‘High Hopes’ consists of covers performed by Bruce.


Bruce Springsteen Height

Bruce Springsteen met and married actress Julianne Phillips in 1985. The marriage quickly began to fall apart, however, and Springsteen began an affair with E Street Band backup singer Patti Scialfa, who shared his working-class New Jersey background. Phillips filed for divorce in 1989. Bruce Springsteen moved in with Scialfa and they had two children together before officially marrying in 1991. Their third and last child was born in 1994.


Bruce Springsteen has received multiple awards and citations from the US as well as from different countries like Great Britain, Sweden, and others, for his talent and contribution to the field of music.
The legendary singer has taken home various awards for his work, comprising of 20 ‘Grammy Awards’, two ‘Golden Globes’ and an ‘Academy Award’ as well as being elevated into both the ‘Songwriters Hall of Fame’ and the ‘Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’.
He was named one of eight ‘Artists of the Decade’ and the fourth highest grossing concert artist of the decade by the ‘Rolling Stone’ magazine.

Bruce Springsteen received the ‘Kennedy Center Honors’ in 2009, which is an award given to figures from the world of the arts for their contribution to American culture.

In 2013, Springsteen with his friend and mentor Pete Seeger and 198 other celebrities were honored in the ‘American Academy of Arts and Sciences’ held at the Academy’s headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Net Worth

Bruce Springsteen has a current net worth of $300 million.