Brian Regan Net Worth 2020, Bio, Wiki, Height, Weight, Awards and Instagram

Brian Regan Net Worth 2020, Bio, Wiki, Height, Weight, Awards, and Instagram

Brian Regan Net Worth 2020 – Brian Regan, also known as Brian Joseph Regan is a well-known stand-up comedian of the west. Comedy is something that can be divided into many genres.

Brian Regan Net Worth 2019

It ranges from something serious like the black comedy to a not so serious type, like the alternative comedy. Brian Regan’s comedy includes more the latter one.


Brian Regan was born on 2nd June in the year 1957 in Miami in America. He has seven siblings. He has studied in Ohio at the Heidelberg College.

Although his actual future plan was to become an accountant, Brian eventually made up his mind to pursue stand-up comedy.

In college, he played for the football team and it was his football coach who encouraged him in considering theatre and other forms of art.

Regan although completed his graduation later, he dropped out of his college to pursue his career as a stand-up comedian.

Brian Regan was always fond of a great artist and comedian named Steve Martin. He was also fond of the famous comedian of1980s, Johnny Carson.

Carson’s comedy revolved around observational comedy, deadpan, and also surreal humor.

Brian was largely inspired by him. Observational comedy is something that deals with the everyday aspect of life.

It mainly includes making a fun comment on everyday events like for example, making a funny comment on society’s acceptance of a matter as normal which otherwise is considered to be silly.

Brian Regan generally does observational comedy. His talks comprise of day to day life events in a humorous way.

Other than this, he also covers topics of food, childhood days, etc. Brian firmly believes in reaching out to different age groups of people.

He doesn’t want to be stuck with only a youth fan base but wants to spread his humorous comments to an older group of people too.

To him, the number of fans who don’t count what is more important to him is to make these people happy.

Regan was a stand-up comedian in the Comedy Central animated series named Shorties Watchin’ Shorties.

His first stand-up special named, “Standing Up” was also aired on Comedy Central in the year 2007. The stand-up special had a duration of one hour.

The CD and DVD of the same were released in the month of August in the same year. In the year 2008, his second stand-up performance was named as, “The Epitome of Hyperbole”.

Height and Weight

Height 188 cm
Weight 80 kilo


Brian Regan Net Worth 2019

Brian Regan won the American Comedy Award in the year 1996. Brian Regan did a special live stand-up performance for the first time in the year 2015 named “Brian Regan: Live from Radio City Music Hall”.

He also made appearances in Open Mic shows, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, etc. Brian Regan recently signed up a deal with Netflix for the publication of his two stand-up specials.

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Net Worth

Brian Regan Net Worth 2019

The net worth of the famous stand-up comedian, Brian Regan is estimated to be around $8.5 million.