Boonk Gang Net Worth 2020, Biography and Career

Boonk Gang Net Worth 2020, Biography and Career.

Boonk Gang Net Worth 2020 – John Robert Hill, Jr. is an American rapper, Instagrammer, and social media influencer. He is more popular by his online username Boonk Gang.

It was his mother who gave him the nickname. Initially, he disliked it; however, after deciding to pursue fame through social media, he adopted it as his moniker.

Boonk Gang Net Worth 2020, Biography and Career.


John Robert Hill Jr. aka (Boonk) was born on August 3rd 1996 in Jacksonville Florida. When he was growing up his dream was to become famous rapper.

He has tried many different things to rise up in fame. In 2017 he decided to become the face of hood humor and went from working in pop-eyes restaurant to robbing one.

With in one year he was able to manage to pull in over 5 million Instagram followers who were entertained by his hood humor.

Boonk also did a collaboration with supremepatty who happened to be doing the same style videos as boonk claimed that all supremepatty’s videos were staged and his weren’t.

Boonk also was arrested many times for doing what he was doing for fame. After being able to make some solid money Boonk never had a car and the very first time he bought himself a car was BMW 3 series. The day after he ended up crashing it.


At the age of 18, Boonk Gang landed his first job. It was at a Popeye’s Chicken restaurant. Whatever spare time he had at the time, he spent it on making comedy sketches.

He would get around two thousand views per video. His then-girlfriend was not at all supportive of his endeavours and would often tell him that he would not amount to anything. As a result, Boonk deleted all his previous Facebook posts.

Ultimately, he broke up with the woman and went to Miami to move in with his mother once more.

When he was involved in sports as a youngster, he drew inspiration from the career of former quarterback Michael Vick. As a musician, he lists Tee Grizzley, Blac Youngsta, Trippie Redd, and YFN Lucci as his idols.

Net Worth

Boonk Gang Net Worth is estimated to be $1,200,000. After losing the giant source of traffic that leaves him with only 1 source of revenue which is his music.

However, it was the career of Fatboy SSE that truly fascinated him. He realised that Fatboy was an aspiring rapper as well. Encouraged, Boonk decided to use social media as the vehicle for his music.

He did not like Snapchat and had already used Facebook, so he eventually settled on Instagram. Soon after he joined the platform, he started to see a steady rise in his follower count.

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