Bob Arum Net Worth 2020, Bio, Wiki, Height, Weight, Awards and Instagram

Bob Arum Net Worth 2020, Bio, Wiki, Height, Weight, Awards and Instagram

Bob Arum Net Worth 2020Bob Arum is mostly recognised for being the think tank behind Top Rank, a Las Vegas company which promotes professional boxing all over the world. Currently, he serves as its CEO.

Bob Arum Net Worth 2020

He has also, practiced as a lawyer at the Tax division of the US Attorney’s office in New York in the past. It is only in 1965 that he shifted to boxing promotion.


Bob Arum was born into a Jewish family on December 8th, 1931. He went to high school in Erasmus Hall and then went on to study Law from Harvard Law School.

After getting his degree in judicial studies, he started his practice as a lawyer at the U.S department of Justice. He did not have much interest in the sport of boxing until he joined the business himself in 1965.

Instead, since his college days, he had an interest in music. But, it was in the business of boxing that he was able to make a mark with his skills in negotiating and law.

Bob Arum’s 1st marriage was an unsuccessful one, but produced 3 beautiful children- 2 sons named Richard and John and a daughter named Elizabeth. He unfortunately lost John in a tragic accident in 2010.

His second marriage to Lovee Dubeof has been a successful one despite the fact that they don’t have children of their own. Bob however, loves Lovee’s children Todd and Dena from her previous marriage as his own and has even given them the post of President and Vice President respectively in Top Rank.

He had first come to limelight by notably being a promoter for Muhammad Ali. Since then, it has been an uphill climb for his career. By the eighties, he had established himself in the industry.

He had organized the greatest fights of the time like, Marvin Hagler against Roberto Durán and Hagler vs. Thomas Hearns. He had also been responsible for organizing the Las Vegas double-fight between Hagler and John Mugabi and Hearns-James Shuler in 1986.

He continued to organize such high-profile fights. Bob Arum’s biggest competitor in the field was Don King. Their rivalry reached its peak in the nineties.

In that decade, Bob Arum promoted some of the biggest names in the sport of boxing; like Michael Carbajal and Oscar De La Hoya.

The fighters presently associated with the Top Rank brand are Manny Pacquiao and Erik Morales both of whom are world champions in eight and three divisions respectively. The great boxer Julio Cesar Chavez was also promoted by Bob Arum.

Studies have found boxing is one of the most popular games among the Hispanics and they formed a large part of the viewership and fan base of the sport.

Building on these statistics Bob Arum has basically concentrated his attention towards the promotion of Hispanic fighters in the recent years.

His most successful fighters in the recent times, like Miguel Cotto, Antonio Magarito who have won titles in several weight divisions including the most competitive ones, happen to be Hispanic. In fact, for quite some years now, he has been specifically making shows for the Spanish speaking people of south-western America.

Height and Weight

Height 173 cm
Weight 72 kilo


Bob Arum Net Worth 2020

Apart from being the creator of Top Rank boxing promotion company, Bob Arum has been drafted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame, thanks to his extraordinary commitment to boxing.

Net Worth


The net worth of Bob Arum including all his assets and his shares in the Top Rank, is about three hundred million dollars ($300 million).

Social Media

Join him on Instagram.@Bob Arum

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