Bo Burnham Net Worth 2019, Biography, Education, Career and Personal Life

Bo Burnham Net Worth 2019, Biography, Education, Career, and Personal Life.

Bo Burnham Net Worth 2019 – Bo Burnham is a famous comedian, singer, and actor from America. In addition, he is also a songwriter and poet. Moreover, he has also won a couple of awards such as Edinburgh Comedy Award’s panel prize and the Malcolm Hardee Award.

Bo Burnham Net Worth

Bo Burnham is an American comedian, singer-songwriter, musician, actor, and internet celebrity who has a net worth of $4 million.

Biography of Bo Burnham

Bo Burnham was born in Massachusetts, USA on 21st August 1990 to a construction company owner, Scott, and a nurse, Patricia. He is youngest of the three children in the Burnham family, and hence the most pampered since his early childhood. Bo attended the all-boys St. John Preparatory school in his hometown, where he was on a school honor roll.

Bo had a knack for performing arts, especially comedy, since his early childhood and he would record videos mimicking his family members on a camcorder. In school, he got himself very busy with theatre and even without any professional training, he was considered as the best actor in school.


Bo completed his school from St. John’s Preparatory School. Later, he joined  New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts to study Experimental Theatre. However, Bo left the University for a year to concentrate his career in comedy.


Bo began his career by uploading two video songs on YouTube. Soon after that, Bo came into the spotlight and continue his work. As a singer, he released his debut album named ‘Bo Fo Sho’ in 2008 followed by the second album ‘Words Words Words’ in 2010 for Comedy Central.

After his two albums, Bo got huge recognition. So far, he has written songs about white supremacy, Helen Keller’s disabilities, homosexuality, and much more. Besides his comedy and singing career, Bo has also featured in the MTV series Zach Stone Is Gonna Be Famous and has launched his poetic collection Egghead: Or, You Can’t Survive on Ideas Alone.

Apart from that, Bo has also starred in several movies such as American Virgin, Funny PeopleParks and Recreation, Rough Night, and much more.

Personal Life

Bo Burnham has maintained that he is single, and his dating history is also largely unknown. Considering the fact that he supports homosexuality quite furiously in his shows, the rumors are around that he might be gay.

Bo has always been interested in Experimental Theatre and even pursued a career in it while studying in New York’s Tisch School of Arts but dropped out one year later, to pursue a full-time career in comedy.

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