Billy Joel Net Worth 2020, Biography, Height, Weight, Career and Relationship

 Billy Joel Net Worth 2020, Biography, Height, Weight, Career and Relationship.

Billy Joel Net Worth – Billy Joel is a famous American pianist, singer, song-writer and composer. He began his music career with ‘Echoes’, which later became well known as the ‘Lost Souls’. He is branded as one of the most popular recording artists and the biggest entertainers in the world.

 Billy Joel Net Worth 2019


Billy Joel was raised in a Levitt house in a section of Levittown, New York. After he was born, the family moved to a section of America’s famous “first suburb”, Levittown on Long Island. Although his father was as the accomplished classical pianist, it was his mother who pushed him to study piano.

He dropped out of the high school to pursue a performing career, devoting himself to create his first solo album. He did not graduate high school as he did not has enough credits and decided to pursue his music career rather than attend summer school

Height and Weight

Age 68 years old

Height: 5’5’’ (167 cm)

Weight: 66 kg (144 pounds)


 Billy Joel Net Worth 2019

Billy Joel’s first wife was Elizabeth Weber Small. They got married on 5 September 1973 and she became his manager. His song “She’s always a Woman” was inspired by her. There did not work so, they divorced on July 20, 1982.

Billy Joel married his second wife, Christie Brinkley in March 1985. Alexa was given the middle name of Ray after Ray Charles, one of Joel’s musical idols. Joel and Brinkley divorced on 26 August 1994.

On 2 October 2004, he got married to his third wife Katie Lee. He was 55 during his marriage. On 17 June 2009, they announced their separation.

On 4 July 2015, Joel married his fourth wife, Alexis Roderick. The couple had been together since 2009. On 12 August 2015, the couple had their daughter. Her name was Della Rose Joel.


 Billy Joel Net Worth 2019

In 1978, his song ‘Just the Way You Are’ won two Grammy awards under the categories, ‘Record of the Year’ and ‘Song of the Year’.

In 1984, he won the ACE Award (Award for Cable Excellence) under the category ‘Actor in a comedy or music program’. For his album ‘Live from Long Island’.
In 1991, he bagged ‘Grammy Legend Award’, a special award for merit given to the recording artists.
In 1997, he was given the ASCAP’s founder award for lifetime achievement.
In 1999, he was given the RIAA Diamond Award for his albums ‘Greatest Hits Volume I & II’ as these albums sold over 10 million copies.
In 2000, he gained ‘The James Smithson Bicentennial Medal’ from the Smithsonian Institution. In the same year he received an honorary doctorate of music from Long Island University, Southampton College.
On June 14, 2001, he received Johnny Mercer Award at the Songwriter’s Hall of Fame dinner in New York City.

Net Worth

Billy Joel has a Net Worth of $225 million.


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