Big Narstie Net Worth 2020, Bio, Education, Career, and Achievement.

Big Narstie Net Worth 2020, Bio, Education, Career, and Achievement.

Tyrone Lindo is a known English MC and rapper from South London that goes by the name Big Narstie and is very popular for years now.

Big Narstie Net Worth

Early Life

It was not Big Narstie at the beginning rather Big was born as Tyrone Lindo. He was born on 16th November 1985 in Lambeth, London, United Kingdom.

Perhaps no worthy personality had given him the basic adherence in the childhood and had to grow on his own.

There is no information available about his parentage. Big Narstie was enrolled at the Stock Well Park High school for his education.

From the very early childhood, it was observed that Narstie has a tremendous sense of music and a humorous aptitude to express his ideas. These two qualities had made him popular with his close ones.

Watching the army personnel, while in his early childhood, the kid felt that the uniformed soldiers are cool.

This makes him feel to be in the army when he grew up. It remained his wish, which does not materialize at all as he never shaded the extra pounds.

For quite some time the boy remained rather depressed. Life made a change as he went a nightclub and heard ‘Pay as You Go.’

The positive vibes started flowing all around, and the depression changed color to fill the optimism in the young Narstie heart.

Big Narstie Net Worth


Joining N Double A which is a grim crew Narstie began his career in 2003.

With the passage of time, his popularity went beyond his knowledge, and Dice Records also watched his performance and got enough reason to sign him in 2006.

‘Coldplay’ played the initial publicity for Narstie and being a grime artist he gained tremendous popularity in a brisk.

On public demand, all the major radio station started playing his music.

During this time one of the finest tracks came up from Narstie and RWD magazine choose his effort to be the best ‘Song of the Year’ when he composed ‘Brushman.’

In 2008 he released mixtapes as “What’s the Story Brixton Glory” and “Drugs and Chicken.”

Then he released ‘Mind of a Fat Guy’ in 2009, Pain Therapy in 2011.

Then after Narstie gifted ‘Uncle B,’ his debut album containing N-Dubz’s ‘N Dubz vs. NAA’ and Professor Green’s ‘Before I die Remix.’

There was no turn back after this, and few mixtapes of his flavor were released. Mixtapes include ‘I’m Betta than you,’ ‘Drugs and Chicken’ and obviously that ‘Mind of a Fat Guy.’

In 2012 ‘Pain in Love’ and ‘Pain in Overload’ was warmly accepted by the public.

The same year he bagged Urban Music Award for his EP ‘#Pain.’ In the iTunes UK Hip Hop, the EP got #5 on the chart.

From now onwards he became one of the most prominent grime artists. Next year prominent artist like Flirta D, Kozzie, Scrufizzer and some more were seen in the launching party of the EP ‘Don’t f*ck up the base.’

Time had come when he became an automatic choice for any high profile festivals.

He was seen performing in ‘A Day In Dam with English Frank and Black The Ripper,’ ‘The Wireless Festival,’ ‘The Outlook Festival’ organized in Croatia and many more.

The year 2013 saw no other grime artist, as happened in 2012, to give the UMA Best Grime Act Award to Narstie.

In this very year, he released another EP, ‘Hello Hi,’ which gained high appreciation.

Narstie released “What’s the Story Brixton Glory pt 2” in 2014 with Oasis and “When the Baseline Drops” in 2015 with Craig David. In 2016 Narstie released a mixtape with the title ‘Base Society.’

Then he was seen acting in ‘Dubplate Drama.’ Big Narstie’s steps had also gone across the floors of big-screen productions.

He had taken the schedules for acting in the movies as ‘the London State of Mind,’ ‘Anuvahood’ and ‘Rise of Foot Soldier 2’.

It would be an unpardonable mistake if anyhow ‘Uncle Pain’ is not mentioned. The Online series on the YouTube had brought him immense popularity in the British land.

Big Narstie Net Worth

Net Worth and Achievement 2020

With continuous releasing of music albums and his acting skills helped Big Narstie to earn fame as well as wealth.

His appearance in UK’s famous reality shows Britain’s Got Talent in May 2018 and with his show The Big Narstie Show on BBC’s Channel 4 on 29 June 2018 assisted him in the collection of fans and fortune.

Besides this, Big also appeared in comedy panel shows including The Big Fat Quiz of the Year in 2017  Would I Lie to You? in 2018.

As per the sources, the total net worth of Big Narstie is assumed to be around $2.1 million.

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