Beyonce Family Net Worth 2019, Biography, Early Life, Education, Career and Achievement

Beyonce Family Net Worth 2019, Biography, Early Life, Education, Career and Achievement

Beyonce Family Net Worth – Beyonce Giselle Knowles Carter is an American dancer, singer, songwriter, businesswoman, and actress from Houston. She initially gained recognition when she became the lead singer of the R&B girl group ‘Destiny’s Child’ in the 1990’s. Today Beyonce is known as one of the best singers in the world. As of 2019, Beyonce’s net worth is estimated to be roughly $500 million dollars.


Beyonce Family Net Worth 2019

Beyonce Family Net Worth

Beyonce Knowles husband

Jay-Z (husband since 2008)

Date of birth: December 4, 1969

Beyonce is a winningly beautiful woman, that why it is so hard to believe that her dating history is incredibly short. In her young years she dated Lyndall Locke, whom she met in her teens. They attended the same church. After 10 years of incredible love the couple separated. “I felt, I was too simple for her”, Lyndall told in an interview. “She needed someone to put her to the next level”, he added.

Soon Beyonce met such a man. It was a popular rapper Jay-Z. They sang together in 2002. Then their song “Crazy Love” reached the highest positions in the music charts. The chemistry between two performers was obvious. The rumors about their affair circulated in press. Finally, In April 2008 Beyonce appeared in public with a huge wedding ring on her finger. It turned out, she secretly married her boyfriend of many years Jay Z. What do we know about the main man in the singer’s life?

He was born as Shawn Corey Carter in one of New York boroughs and was the youngest of 4 kids in the family of Gloria Carter and Adnes Reeves. His parents divorced, when the boy was just 11 years old. From that moment he was raised by a single mother, who worked extremely hard to feed the family. “I was very closed as a teenager”, Jay-Z later opened up in his interview to New York Times. Probably, those childhood traumas caused his marriage infidelity (Beyonce’s album “Lemonade” deals with the topic of her husband’s extramarital love affairs).

Shawn attended Technical Education High School, and at first was a good pupil. But then unhealthy environment consumed him totally, and the teenager started to use drugs and got prone to violence. Rap was his creative outlet. He started to rap with his friend, who named himself “Jay-O”. Having taken the stage moniker “Jay-Z”, the young man recorded a number of singles with his pal.

Jay-Z’s big break took place in 1996, when in collaboration with his friends he founded his own record label and released the first album “Reasonable Doubt”. As for now, the rapper boasts with 13 studio albums, all of which got platinum status. In addition, he is a skilful entrepreneur, who operates business in various areas of the society – fashion, beverages, real estate and others.

Together with Beyonce he brings up three kids.

Beyonce Knowles kids

Blue Ivy Carter (daughter with Jay-Z)

Date of birth: January 7, 2012

It’s not an easy thing to be a celebs’ kid, and Blue Ivy Carter knows it. The girl doesn’t have too much of personal space, because each her movement is photographed and documented.

The first daughter of two music icons, Beyonce and Jay Z, has become a sensation much earlier than she was born.

During MTV Video Music Awards ceremony Beyonce announced great news – she was going to become a mother. Blue Ivy’s birth was the most expecting event of the year. The child was born on a cold winter day in New York. Beyonce decided to give a birth to her first baby through a planned C-section.

Immediately after her birth the girl found a lot of famous friends, who welcomed her through Instagram. Thus, Rihanna, Gwyneth Paltrow and other celebs shared congrats posts through Instagram.

Blue Ivy made her signing debut, being still an infant. Her father devoted his daughter a song “Glory”, where he inserted a few seconds of his daughter’s cries and heart beat.

As for now, Ivy is a school girl. Her father takes her to school by his car almost every day. She is an Instagram star, but she doesn’t have an account yet – her mother posts the pics of her sweet girl all the time.

The child has already gained the popularity as the fashion star. Her clothes cost thousands of dollars, and reputable kids designers create dresses especially for her.

Ivy is a great dancing enthusiast, so probably, she would follow her mother’s pace in future.

Sir Carter (twin; son with Jay-Z)

Date of birth: June 13, 2017

Sir Carter is the only son of a diva Beyonce and her husband Jay Z. The boy is one of twins; he was born on June, 13 in 2017. In February that very year his famous mom announced her pregnancy through Instagram and shared her “belly-photos”.

Being in her mother’s belly, Carter appeared at the Grammy Awards, where his mother performed, in spite of being pregnant. His coming was honored by both of his parents, who recorded a song, named “Shining” for him and his twin sister Rumi.

The boy got such an unusual name for his “too solid look”, as his father Jay-Z told in his interview to Rap Radar.

Rumi Carter (twin; daughter with Jay-Z)

Date of birth: June 13, 2017

Like her twin brother, Rumi was born on a hot summer day in one of LA clinics. She got her rare name after the Muslim poet Jalauddin Rumi.

The girl’s mother posted the pic of her twins in Instagram soon after their birth. Thus, two small babies got millions of congragts on their entering this world from numerous people worldwide.

In summer, 2018 Rumi in the company of her siblings, parents and paternal grandmother travelled on the yacht around Europe. Of course, her mother made cute pics with her twins and shared them through Instagram.

Who are Beyonce Knowles parents?

Mathew Knowles (father)

Date of birth: January 9, 1952

Mathew Knowles is Beyonce’s father, who played an important role in her life. As some of Beyonce’s old friends say, she managed to achieve her stardom only due to his father, who wisely managed her career. But a lot of drama is in the singer’s relationship with her dad.

Mr. Knowles was born in Gadsden, Alabama. He grew up in the family of Lue Helen and Matthew Q. Knowles. After school the teen boy entered Fisk University, where he majored in numerous disciplines, including arts, economics and business administration.

At the initial stage of his career he sold office equipment. Around that time he met Tina Knowles and married her on January 5, 1980. They welcomed two daughters – Beyonce and Solange.

In early 1990s the man quit his job in order to start his own music company. He collaborated with reputable record labels “Sony Music” and “Interscope”.

As the singer told in her interviews, her father didn’t stay at home for long in her early years. He travelled on business. When his older daughter Beyonce fell in love with music and decided to pursue this career, he returned to his daughter’s life to manage it.

The founder of the label “Music World Entertainment”, Mathew began with co-managing the band “Girls Tyme”, where his daughter performed. The other members of the group were Kelly Rowland, LaTavia Roberson, LeToya Luckett and two other members. The band served as the foundation for another music group, which gained incredible popularity – “Destiny’s Child”.The talented manager, Mathew got rid of two participants. The new-made band consisted of 4 girls. Except for his daughter, he invited to the band Kelly Rowland, LaTavia Roberson и LaToya Luckett.

In 1997 Mathew managed to sign multi-million deal with the label Columbia records. From that moment the new page in the band history was opened. The girls released the debut self-titled album, recorded a soundtrack to the movie “Men In Black” and the next day awoke popular.

In early 2000s Beyonce decided to start solo career. Again, her father stood by her side and helped her to release debut solo album. The singer devoted him a song “Daddy”. But one moment everything went wrong. In 2011 the singer announced, that she stopped collaboration with Mathew. The first reason of such decision was his illegitimate son and the second reason was Mr. Knowls financial irregularities.

Tina Knowles (mother)

Date of birth: January 4, 1954

Tina is known as the mother of a pop star Beyonce and her younger sister Solange. In addition, she is an ex-wife of a music manager Mathew Knowles, current wife of an actor Richard Lawson and a stepmother of an actress Bianca Lawson.

Tina was born in Galveston, TX. She has 6 older siblings. The woman has always been interested in fashion and beauty. At the age of 19 she started career of a makeup artist, but later put it on hold, when her parents got sick. During some time she earned her living as a choreographer, but later returned to activity of a beauty specialist.

In 1980 she wedded Mathew Knowls. At first the woman devoted all her time to her daughter’s up-bringing. Then she opened a beauty salon Houston. When her daughter cooperated with other girls and founded the band “Destiny’s Child”, Tina helped them with the stage image – she created costumes for the girls and made their hair. In 2002 Mrs. Knowles published a book, where she shared the secrets of the band’s style.

In 2009 Beyonce’s mother knew, that her husband Mathew cheated her with an actress Alexsandra Wright and even had a son with her. She couldn’t forgive her man’s infidelity and filed for divorce. It was finalized in 2011.

Two years later Tina tied a knot with her old friend Richard Lawson.

Beyonce Knowles siblings

Solange Knowles (younger sister)

Date of birth: June 24, 1986

Mathew Knowles opened up in his recent interview, that he is proud of his two girls. No wonder, because both of his daughters managed to become popular singers. The girl with an unusual name Solange Piaget Knowles was born in Houston. In her early years she admired her beautiful sister Beyonce, and decided to pursue the same career. No need to say, that her father, who had already become a renowned music manager to that moment, helped her younger child to start.

At first Solange sang in duo with other popular music artists, like Kelly Rowland. Then she released her debut album “Solo Star”. The album didn’t become platinum or even gold, but it gained some popularity. Solange co-produced and co-wrote most of the singles. More than 112, 000 copies of the disk were sold in USA. It occupied the 49th position in Billboard Hot 100.

As for now, the singer can boast with 3 studio albums. Unfortunately, she had to put her music career on hold. The singer was diagnosed with the autonomic nervous system disorder.

Except for signing, she pursued careers of a model and an actress. Solange starred in the movie “Johnson Family Vacation” and in some TV series.

The woman is very close with the older sister and her husband Jay Z. In his interview the rapper told, that he treats her not as his wife’s, but as his own sister. In spite of the warm relationship between them, Solange and Jay Z once fought in the lift, and it was caught by the security camera. Both refused to publicize the reason of their conflict. But some of journalists accused two stars in simulation of the fight to increase sellings of their albums.

As for now, Solange Knowles is married to a director Alan Ferguson. Previously she was married to Daniel Smith, with whom she has a son.

Nixon Knowles (younger half-brother)

Date of birth: February 4, 2010

In spite of the fact, that small Nixon is the half-brother of a superstar Beyonce, his life can hardly be called happy. He was born by an actress Alexsandra Wright, who is celebrated by a small role in the crime drama “Baby Boy”.

She dated a married father Mathew Knowles during a year and a half and had a son Nixon with him. At first the rich music manager refused to support his son and ex-lover financially. But he had to change his mind after a paternity test.

Nixon’s mother asked Tina Knowles through mass media to forgive her.

Koi Branscomb (younger half-sister)

Date of birth: July 3, 2010

Mathew Knowles cheated his wife Tina with numerous mistresses. One of them, TaQoya Branscomb, gave a birth to his daughter Koi.

Like in case of his first extramarital child, Mathew didn’t want to confess, that he was a girl’s father. TaQoya, an ex-model, took him to the court. The man was obliged to do a paternity test, which proved, that he was Koi’s daddy. He pays child’s support to his daughter’s mother, but doesn’t cross his ways with a girl.

Koi has an Instagram account. Not long ago she became a school pupil.