Beth Chapman Net Worth 2020, Bio, Wiki, Height, Weight, Awards and Instagram

Beth Chapman Net Worth 2020, Bio, Wiki, Height, Weight, Awards and Instagram

Beth Chapman Net Worth 2020Beth Chapman is an American actress, TV star and a well- known as the wife of Duane Chapman. Her life journey is worth to read. She has created an iconic career in acting as well as helping poor people. Also, she loves to live a wealthy life and appeared on many TV shows.

Beth Chapman Net Worth 2020


Beth Chapman was born on 29 October 1967 in Denver, United States. Her actual name is Alice Elizabeth Smith. Her father Garry Smith was an excellent baseball player and played professional baseball for Kansas City Athletics.

In 1991, Beth Chapman married Kieth A. Barmore, but the couple had separated after a few years. Duane Chapman met Beth for the first time in 1986. They were just close friends at that time.

But after Beth separated from her first husband Beth married Duane on 20 May 2006 at Hilton Hotel in Hawaii. They have two sons, Leland Chapman, Garry Chapman and a daughter Lyssa Chapman.

Beth Chapman is most popular as an extraordinary producer. Dog The Bounty Hunter (2003) is the show that made her famous and due to this show, she made her place in the heart of audiences.

She played a very important role in Hawaii FIve-0 (2010) and Dog and Beth: On the Hunt (2013). Dog: The Family Speaks is another show which gave her added popularity. She was the executive producer of the show, “Dog and Beth: On the Hunt”.

She also holds a record of being one of the youngest bail bondsmen in the history of Colorado. Later, her record was broken by Lyssa Broke, her stepdaughter.

Beth along with her husband and children worked as bail bondsmen and bounty hunters. The show, Dog The Bounty Hunter was based on their work and was successfully run for 8 years on A&E.

In the year 2017, Beth was suffering from throat cancer. Based on how she successfully recovered from this disease, a show named as Dog and Beth: Fight of Their Lives was on TV on 27 November 2017.

Apart from her career as an actress and TV icon, she likes to do social work. She is currently working with Make A Wish Foundation.

Height and Weight

Height: 5 Feet 6 Inches

Weight: 75kg


Beth Chapman Net Worth 2020

In 2016, Beth Chapman was the winner of National Association. She is appreciated by many newspapers and legendary celebrities for her social work. As a celebrity, she is now living a luxury lifestyle.

Her TV shows are worth to watch due to her natural and mind-blowing acting skills. She is also running a lot of non-profit organizations. She always has an urge to help needy people.

Net Worth

Beth Chapman Net Worth 2020

The net worth of Beth Chapman is around $3.5 million. She likes to love luxury and wealthy lifestyle. She has a Mercedez-Benz of around $49,000.

Social Media

Follow Beth Chapman on Instagram @Beth Chapman

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