Bella Robertson Net Worth 2019, Biography, Early Life, Education, Career and Achievement

Bella Robertson Net Worth 2019, Biography, Early Life, Education, Career and Achievement

Bella Robertson Net Worth – Bella is an American famed star who came into limelight for played the major role of Anna on the 2016 Masey McLain starred biopic drama film “I’m Not Ashamed”. She made her acting debut with her family’s reality television series “Duck Dynasty”, which was aired on A&E Network between 2012 to 2017.

Bella Robertson Net Worth 2019

Bella Robertson Net Worth

Early Life, Family and Education:

Bella Chrysanne Robertson was born on September 16, 2002, in West Monroe, Louisiana, United States of America. She is a Virgo. She is a lucky charm to the family because she was born in a well-off and wealthy family. Her family has their own family business which is called Duck Commander. Her parents are producers and actors, the famous Willie and Korie Robertson, mostly known for their big work on the popular reality family series Duck Dynasty from 2012 to 2017.

Parents (Willie and Korie Robertson)

Willie Robertson is the father of Bella Robertson. Willie Robertson is known for his faith in Christian. According to The Overflow, in one of the video, Willie Roberston preached his faith to others and a proud member of Churches of Christ. Willie Roberson always wearing a bandana in the pattern of the American flag.

Willie Roberson’s net worth all alone is worth $20 million, according to source Celebrity Net Worth. Korie Robertson is the mother of Bella Robertson and also the founder of Duck Commander. In the interview with The Gospel Herald Entertainment, Korie Robertson revealed she knew she always wanted to adopt from the time she was a young girl. Like her husband, Willie, Korie Robertson is also a strong believer and talked about how important it was to adopt in God’s eyes.

Willie and Korie Robertson met each other during their fourth and third grade at summer camp and have been together since more than 21 years according to Yahoo Entertainment. They were young love that lasts forever.

They married after graduating from high school. In AskMen interview, Willie told stated that both of them were on a hike and asked to hold hands together.  Love sparked after that between them. Willie and Korie Robertson have five children together – three biological and two adopted. Willie Robertson praised his wife a lot and gives his wife credits for the family business’s success. In an interview with Yahoo Entertainment Willie Robertson quoted  “Had I not been married to her, I never would have done anything that I’ve done today.”

Personal Life:

Bella Robertson has two sisters and two brothers – Sadie, Rebecca, John Luke, and Will. Her sister Rebecca Lo is an exchange student from Taiwan, whom they consider family, although interestingly the Rebecca Lo was never legally adopted. According to The Gospel Herald Entertainment interview, Willie and Korie Robertson fell in love with Rebecca Lo when she came to the United States as the exchange student from Taiwan. Rebecca Lo could not speak one word of English during that time and Rebecca Lo just becomes one of them, according to the interview again. Rebecca Lo still has a mother in Taiwan and her father passed away when she was 11.


Bella Robertson Net Worth

Bella Robertson is best known her role in Duck Dynasty, a reality television show. Duck Dynasty portrayed the lives of of-of the Robertson family running a family business which is called Duck Commander. Duck Commander basically made duck call which is basic hunting tools. Duck Dynasty is started to run from 2012 until 2017. This show has broken several rating records on the A&E network. According to Forbes, Duck Dynasty has earned $80 million in advertising sales for the first nine months of 2013, and merchandise has generated another $400 million in revenue. The series ended on March 29, 2017, with the hour-long finale episode called “End of an Era”.