Bam Margera Net Worth 2020, Biography, Education and Career

Bam Margera Net Worth 2020, Biography, Education and Career.

Bam Margera Net Worth 2020Fans cannot help but admire Bam Margera, an embodiment of talents. Despite his success as a professional skater, Bam still managed to cross over to the world of entertainment and recorded great success out of his career in the showbiz industry.

Bam Margera Net Worth 2019

He is a famed American moviemaker, television personality, musician, stunt performer, and professional skateboarder, all molded into one.

Net Worth

Bam Margera is an American actor and stunt man who has a net worth of $50 million.


His real name is Brandon Cole Margera, he was born in West Chester Pennsylvania on the 28th day of September 1979. Bam’s mother’s name is April Margera (nee Cole) while his dad is Phil Margera.

The renowned skater is of American nationality but has a mixed ancestry of Italian, Welsh, English, and German. His brother Jess Margera is a drummer for a band known as Camp Kill Yourself.

Body stats




5 ft 10 in or 178 cm


70 kg or 154.5 lbs


The only reason Bam enrolled in a high school was that his friend Chris Raab was there, the moment Chris got suspended from school, Bam followed suit by dropping out in ninth grade.

His parents later convinced him to go for his GED which he did. During his days in high school, he was featured in articles in Jeff Tremaine’s Big Brother magazine and along with his brother Jess and his peers Brandon DiCamillo, Ryan Dunn and Chris Raab, the young filmmaker made CKY videos.

Body stats

Height5 ft 10 cm
Weight70 kg


He has made himself a household name thanks to a multifaceted career as a television and radio personality, professional skateboarder and daredevil.

Hailing from West Chester, Pennsylvania, Bam first gained notoriety with the formation of the CKY Crew which released a series of popular skateboarding/stunt/prank videos between 1999 and 2002.

Along the way, Bam became friends with Jeff Tremaine, a former editor of Big Brother magazine. Tremaine quickly added Bam and his friends to his rapidly growing motley team for a new production that would go on to be called Jackass.

Jackass aired on MTV for three seasons and was very popular despite sparking controversy. After its demise, Bam participated in the 2002 theatrically released Jackass: The movie, which grossed over $64 million domestically.

Bam moved onto his MTV spinoff shows entitled Viva La Bam, which aired for five seasons, and a nine-episode series, Bam’s Unholy Union, which followed Bam and his fiancée Missy through their engagement and subsequent wedding.

Bam joined the Jackass crew for another sequel, released in 2006 and grossing $84.6 million worldwide. As a professional skateboarder, Bam is a member for Element Skateboards demonstration team, Team Element.

Other projects include three films which Bam wrote, performed in, produced and directed, and Radio Bam, which first aired on Sirius Satellite Radio in 2004.

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