Asmongold Net Worth 2021, Early Life, Career, Girlfriend, and Awards

Asmongold Net Worth 2021, Early Life, Career, Girlfriend, and Awards.

Asmongold Net Worth – Asmongold is a young American video gamer and streamer. He is best known for playing World of WarCraft games and streaming the game videos on social media, especially in Twitch and YouTube.

His Twitch channel has been ranked as the second most-watched World of Craft Channel and the seventh overall most-watched channel on Twitch.Asmongold Net Worth 2021, Early Life, Career, Girlfriend, and Awards

Apart from World of WarCraft,  he has several other most-watched videos like The State of Battle for Azeroth, and My Played and Other Cool Stuff on my Account, How Mythic Night hold Almost Destroyed my Guild and Ma.

Early Life

Asmongold was born in Austin Texas, where he currently resides. He attended a local school, and after his graduation, he joined a community college.

He took care of his ailing mother in 2014 and went back to business school when she recovered. During his childhood, he had developed an interest in video games and used to play with his friends and family, Halo, with Moniker Spartan 126.

His first game was at the age of 16 when a kid during their computer class offered to sell him a game at $20 until summer when his friend Zack insisted they play the game.

He started playing the World of Warcraft, where his favorite class is Warrior consistently and also Diablo, Month with OverWatch and Path of Exile.


In 2006 he came across WoW and started playing as Asmongold, a coded name given to him by his friends during childhood, and it stuck up to date because it’s an original name.

He used to play off cameras before he created his Twitch channel in 2011 and started streaming the gaming videos.

The channel holds over 75 million total views. He, later on, he launched his YouTube channel in 2013, where he continued to stream often, and naturally, his viewers’ base started to grow.

In 2019 his channel was reported as the 2nd most-watched World of Warcraft channel and ranked #7 most-watched overall channel in Twitch. He often streams with McConnell, another WoW streamer.

Apart from WoW, he has several other most-watched videos like The State of Battle for Azeroth which was published on October 2018.

His other notable videos are; How to Correctly Play an Arms Warrior in Patch, Asmongold Gets Trolled by Video Request, which he published in January 2019, and many more.


Asmongold was in a relationship with Pink Sparkles, a fellow streamer since 2018, which he clarified while life chatting with another Twitch steamer Mitch Jones.

They were often seen on each other’s streaming channels playing games. In November 2019, they broke up and decided to go separate ways and even removed one another’s pictures on social media.

Pinkie returned to California and started working on his own. Previously, Asmongold has been single with no affairs, so when he confirmed about his relationship, fans had doubts since they claimed Pink Sparkles was using him for his fame.

He currently resides in Austin, Texas. He refers to himself as a “Professional neckbeard,” and he embraces his hard-core gaming lifestyle.

Asmongold Net Worth

Asmongold Net Worth 2021, Early Life, Career, Girlfriend, and Awards

As of February 2021, Asmongold has an estimated net worth of $200 thousand. His main earning is through streaming popular game called World of Warcraft on YouTube and Twitch, which he has been playing since 2016 and called elitist of WOW.

He is popular on Twitch, where he earns subscription fees as a tip of all the income streamers. His other ventures are Cheering features, Direct Donation, and Advertisement.

Asmongold is one of the greatest WoW Players known and absolutely a true legend.

He encourages people not to spend their life trying to make other people and fellows approve what they opt to do, but just do it without limitations and with full determination.