Ashley Thompson Net Worth 2021, Early Life, Career, Married Life and Net Worth

Ashley Thompson Net Worth 2021, Early Life, Career, Married Life and Net Worth.

Ashley Thompson Net Worth The former American football quarterback player, Peyton Manning is a famous NFL player; as a result, a lot of you might already know him. But how many of you know his wife, Ashley Thompson?

Ashley Thompson Net Worth

Who is Ashley Thompson?

By profession, Ashley Thompson is an American entrepreneur.

However, she is better known as the “wife of Peyton Manning” a former American football player. Ashley and her husband Peyton have also been a part of many controversies and rumors.

She was born in 1974 in Memphis, Tennessee which makes her 45 Years of age as of 2019. Moreover, she was born to Bill Thompson and Marsha Thompson. Also, she has two siblings named Leigh and Will.

Her father was a commercial real estate developer and an investment banker. And her mother was a homemaker. Furthermore, she has two siblings, an older sister Allison and a younger brother Will.

She runs a ‘PeyBack Foundation’ working on providing opportunities for young women and men. She also owns a real estate development company for which she is also known as the ‘Real Estate Mogul.’

Ashley was a bright student throughout her school and college days and was very passionate about charity and giving back to the community.

During her high school, she even volunteered for a program called Service over Self.

Her philanthropy works and her involvement in different community services made her a member of the prestigious “Ascensus Society”.

Further, she was an ardent participant in the “Girl Scout Cookie Program” and also had won several “Cookie Rewards”.

Later, in 1997, Ashley graduated from the “University of Virginia” earning a major degree in Finance and Marketing.

Professional Life of Ashley Thompson

Ashley became involved in the business industry right after her graduation, following her father by pursuing a career as a real estate developer. She built 3 spec homes in Tennessee, eventually establishing her own real estate development company.

Currently, she owns a real estate company and is doing pretty well. And is also in the planning phase to expand her business to Indianapolis.

After getting married to Peyton Manning, they established the “Payback foundation” for the welfare of youths.

Currently, she is the owner of the foundation. Besides, she is also one of the owners of the Memphis based professional basketball team “Memphis Grizzlies”.

She has also been a part of many other charity campaigns. She used to participate in the community service on Saturdays by educating the young girls and boys on different subjects through different clubs.

With her work record, she later became a part of the prestigious ‘Ascensus Society.

Ashley Thompson has also been honored for being the person to collect the highest amount for the charity. However, she didn’t receive the award and gave it to her fellow campaign member.

In return, the fellow member flaunted the excellent marketing and selling skills of her. She was also seen as an ardent participant of the ‘Girl Scout Cookie Program’ and has bagged several ‘Cookie Rewards.’

Ashley Thompson Net Worth

Ashley Thompson’s Married Life

Ashley Thompson is famous for marrying the former ‘National Football League player Peyton Manning, who is her longtime lover.

Peyton and Ashley were first introduced by Ashley’s neighbors, at that time they were college students.

Soon, they started dating, and a couple of years later they married on 17th March 2001 in Memphis which is also her birthplace.

Ten years later on March 31, 2011, the married couple gave birth to their firstborn, twins, a son and a daughter. Their son was named Marshall Williams Manning and daughter, Mosley Thompson Manning.

The couple also has a history of social services such as organizing numbers of breast cancer awareness programs, being involved with charity programs.

In fact, in 1999 they founded the ‘PeyBack Foundation‘ to work on building a prosperous future for disadvantaged youths with the help of providing “Leadership and Growth Opportunities  Programs.”

Besides, Ashley is also the owner of the professional basketball team called ‘Memphis Grizzlies.

Ashley Thompson Net Worth

The 46 years old Ashley Thompson has quite a great earning throughout her professional career as an entrepreneur.

Thompson has managed to amass a fortune worth million dollars from her 10  years long career. Her estimated net worth is around $20 million.

Also, her husband, Peyton Manning, has been estimated to be over $200 million.

The couple shares a 16,464-square-foot mansion valued at $4 million in Denver, Colorado, and has a stock of various cars, including a Range Rover and a Bentley among several others.