Art Garfunkel Net Worth 2021, Biography, Education and Career

Art Garfunkel Net Worth in 2021 has been a subject of interest, especially to his fans. Arthur Ira ‘Art’ Garfunkel is an American singer, poet, and actor. The multi-faceted personality is a teacher of mathematics as well. He is best known for partnering with Paul Simon to form the folk-rock duo ‘Simon & Garfunkel’. Keep reading for details.

Art Garfunkel Net Worth


Arthur Garfunkel was born in Forest Hills, New York on 5th November 1941. His parents were Rose and Jack Garfunkel. He has two brothers.

He developed a strong interest in music at an early age. Therefore, his father brought him a wire recorder.

From around the age of four, he would spend hours with the gadget, singing, listening as well as fine-tuning his voice.

In October 1972, Art Garfunkel married Linda Marie Grossman, an architect. However, they divorced shortly after.

Later, he started dating actress and photographer Laurie Bird. The relationship ended tragically when she committed suicide in 1979. He also dated actress Penny Marshall for a while.

In 1988, he got married for the second time to Kathryn Cermack, a former model. They have two children, James Garfunkel, and Beau Daniel Garfunkel.


He studied at Forest Hills Junior Elementary School, where he continued to sing. It was there that he met his future partner Paul Simon. In the sixth grade, they took part in a production of ‘Alice in Wonderland’.

The duo eventually began performing together in school talent shows. They used to practice together for fours as well.

After he graduated from Forest Hills High School, he studied at Columbia University, where he majored in architecture.

Art Garfunkel Net Worth


In 1963, Art Garfunkel and Simon reunited and formed the duo ‘Simon & Garfunkel.’

The following year, they released their debut album ‘Wednesday Morning, 3 AM’. Since it didn’t do well commercially, the duo decided to go their separate ways.

In 1965, producer Tom Wilson created a remix of their song ‘The Sound of Silence’ which topped the Billboard chart. Therefore, the duo decided to reunite and perform together again.

In 1966, they released their next album ‘Sounds of Silence’. It was a success and reached the 21st position on the US Billboard 200. They next produced the soundtrack for the 1967 romantic comedy-drama film ‘The Graduate’.

It was based on a novel of the same name by Charles Webb. The film was a huge success commercially and critically and also earned several Oscar nominations, winning one for Best Director.

Their next album was ‘Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme’. It reached the 4th position on the US Billboard 200.

It was praised by the critics. Their 1968 album ‘Bookends,’ which reached the 1st position on the US Billboard 200, was met positively by the critics.

The most successful work in their career together was their next album ‘Bridge over Troubled Water,’ released in 1970.

It reached the 1st position on the US Billboard 200, and also topped the charts in several other countries. It won two Grammy Awards, including the one for ‘Record of the Year’.

Though the duo reached the peak of their fame with ‘Bridge over Troubled Water,’ they decided to split because of personal differences.

In 1973, Art Garfunkel finally released his first solo album ‘Angel Clare’. It reached the fifth position on the US Billboard 200.

His next albums were ‘Breakaway’ and ‘Watermark’ released in 1975 and 1977 respectively.

He continued his solo career with albums, such as ‘Scissors Cut’ (1981), ‘Lefty’ (1988), ‘Letters from a Parent to a Child’ (1997), and ‘Some Enchanted Evening’ (2007).

He reunited with Simon in 2003 and went on a successful world tour. Garfunkel and Simon also shared the stage to accept the ‘Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award’. They played ‘Sounds of Silence’ on the live show.

Art Garfunkel Net Worth

Net Worth

Art Garfunkel has a net worth of $45 million. Art Garfunkel made his acting debut with a role in the 1970 black comedy war film ‘Catch-22’. It was adapted from the novel of the same name by Joseph Heller. The film was an average success commercially.

In 1971, he played a supporting role in the comedy-drama film ‘Carnal Knowledge’. Garfunkel was nominated for a Golden Globe Award for his performance in the category of ‘Best Supporting Actor’.

He appeared in two TV films, ‘Acts of Love and Other Comedies’ and ‘Mother Goose: Rock ‘n’ Rhyme’. In 1993, he had a supporting role in the film ‘Boxing Helena’.

He has played guest roles in several films and TV series. In 2009, he had a supporting role in the comedy-drama film ‘The Rebound’. He was last seen in a 2011 documentary film named ‘Beatles Stories’.

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