Apollo Rossdale Net Worth 2019, Biography, Early Life, Education, Career and Achievement

Apollo Rossdale Net Worth 2019, Biography, Early Life, Education, Career and Achievement

Apollo Rossdale Net Worth – When Gwen understood, that she was pregnant with her third child, her then-spouse Gavin Rossdale was on tour with his band “Bush”. The woman announced her baby news in an original manner – she photographed a pregnancy test with two stripes on it and sent it to Rossdale through e-mail.

Little Apollo was born on the last winter day in 2014. And three weeks before it Stefani arranged a luxurious baby shower, which was visited by many Hollywood A-Listers, like Kate Beckinsale, Jessica Alba and others.

Apollo, whom his mother calls “My Little Miracle” wasn’t planned by his parents. His mother Gwen thought that two sons were enough, and she was done. But her oldest son Kingston dreamt to have one more brother. He prayed for it every day and asked God to help him. And four weeks later Gwen understood, she was pregnant.

As for now, Appolo is 4. He does nothing, except for playing with his brothers, parents and Blake Shelton, his mother’s loved one. The boy celebrated his 4th birthday with a party in Scooby Doo style.

Apollo Rossdale Net Worth 2019

Apollo Rossdale Net Worth

Who are Apollo Rossdale’s Parents?

Gavin Rossdale (father)

Apollo Rossdale Net Worth

Gavin and Gwen had been considered as one of the most romantic couples in the world till 2015, when the woman filed divorce papers. Then she asked journalists not to interfere with their personal life and not to hurt feelings of their sons. Gwen and her ex remained friends and good parents for their kids.

Gavin Rossdale, a rock musician and ex-lead singer of the band “Bush”, is better known as America’s sweetheart ex. But in any case, till now he continues his career of a vocalist and guitarist, judges at the show “Voice” in UK and tries not to think about his painful divorce process, which Gwen was rumored to start because of Gavin’s infidelity.

The London-born, he inherited his charm from a well-educated father, doctor Douglas Rossdale and his rich inner world from his mother Barbara. Gavin was in his early teens, when his parents broke up. He stayed in his father’s home, while his mother moved to USA. Gavin has two sisters and one half-sister.

He got keen on music in his teens, when the boyfriend of his sister Loraine taught him to play the guitar. He started his career at the age of 17, when he formed his first band “Midnight”. The man gained celebrity status in early 1990s as the member of the band “Bush” after the release of their set of music “Sixteen Stone”. After disbanding of “Bush” he presented his only one solo album “Wanderlust”, which got mixed reviews from critics.

Gwen Stefani (mother)

Apollo Rossdale Net Worth

Her career way covers several decades, and it is marked with three Grammy awards. The singer, actress, designer and owner of her own show in Las Vegas, Gwen Stefani is really focused on her family life right now. In fact, her hearth and home have always been important for her.

Gwen entered this world in a small town of Fullerton, which is situated in the northern part of California. She is the second child of four in the family of Yamaha exec Dennis Stefani and his wife Patti, a home maker.

She fell in love with music in her early years, mostly due to her older brother Eric. He played the piano, and very often they arranged home music shows for their family, when Eric played and she was singing. Her other passion was sewing. Her mother taught her to sew, and very often she remade her clothes, thus creating her unique style. Later that passion inspired her to design her own line of apparel.

Gwen started her career in 1986, again with the support of her brother. He founded the band “No Doubt”, where his little sister became a vocalist. The band rose to fame after presentation of their third set of music “Tragic Kingdom”. She started solo career in early 2000s and have already released 4 solo albums. The most successful of them is the first one, titled “Love. Angel. Music. Baby”. She sold more than 7 million copies of it all over the world.