Anime Like Re Zero – 10 Anime You Must Watch if You Love ‘Re Zero’

Anime Like Re Zero – 10 Anime You Must Watch if You Love ‘Re Zero’

Time travel and being transported into another world and resurrection has repeated itself in movies, TV shows, and anime.

One such case is the anime, Re Zero where the main character Subaru Natsuki is transported into a fantasy world and gains the power of “Return by Death” which enables him to et the time by dying.

These fantastic concepts appeal to the audience, perhaps because they bend reality. Let us have a look at similar anime which deals with time-travel, immortality, and being transported into another world.

Here’s the list of must-see anime like Re Zero that is our recommendations.

10. Sword Art Online

Anime Like Re Zero

This was the reason that the audience acknowledged it as a genre.

In the near future, the technology has advanced and players can now control their game avatars by their thoughts through equipment known as “NervGear.”

Trouble arises when Kirito, the protagonist, is trapped in-game along with ten thousand other players.

This anime has an engaging plot in the first season but slowly loses its grip. however, it’s a visual treat to our eyes with flawless animation.

It has two seasons of 24 and 26 episodes respectively. The third season is scheduled to air in October 2018.

9. Boku Dake ga inai Machi

Anime Like Re Zero

Satoru Fujinuma possesses a remarkable ability known as “Revival” in which he is sent back in time to prevent any mishappening that threatens the lives of people.

Mostly he is sent back 5 minutes prior to the incident.

But when someone very close to him dies, he is sent back 18 years in the past to prevent a kidnapping that is connected to the murder. This anime has a poetic essence to it. It is excellently directed.

You will sympathize with characters and you will hate some of them. For this, I would recommend reading the manga as well because both anime and manga have different endings.

8. Steins Gate

Anime Like Re Zero

This one doesn’t deal with the phenomena of age-reduction but it has the time travel element.

The central character Rintaro Okabe accidentally discovers that his machine “Phone Microwave” is able to send emails to the past which in turn can change the present.

Those of you who have a taste for science fiction and like movies like Interstellar (2014) should definitely try this anime.

It has garnered acclaim from both critics and audiences. It is often praised for its scientific accuracy.

This anime consists of 24 episodes. It also has a sequel called Steins Gate:0 which began airing in April 2018 and is still ongoing.

7. Orange

Anime Like Re Zero

The story revolves around a high school student, Naho Takamiya who receives letters from her future-self, giving her a chance to straighten out the biggest regrets of her life.

Naho’s future self-instructs her to keep a close eye on Kakeru Naruse, a new transfer student.

People who like romantic anime might like this anime. It is not another high school anime that portray girls as just sex objects.

It has an ominous vibe to it. People who like depressing anime might also find this one appealing. It has 13 episodes.

6. No Game No Life

Anime Like Re Zero

 After winning an online chess match, two siblings Sora and Shiro are transported into Disboard- a world where everything is decided by games.

Now they must defeat Tet, the god of Disboard, and establish peace in the new world.

Though the storyline seems dark, it has comic moments. You will have to sit through a few episodes before you can develop an interest in the plot.

The strategies employed by two Sora and Shiro to overcome obstacles make this anime worth a watch. It also has a movie No Game No Life: Zero. It consists of 12 episodes.

5. Konosuba

Anime Like Re Zero

Konosuba is an anime filled with comedy. After his death, Kazuma Satao is provided with two options- to stay in heaven or reincarnate in a game world.

He chooses the latter but he finds out that it’s not what he expected it to be.

It also has a sequel “Konosuba 2.” Both of them have 10 episodes each.

Though Konosuba and Re Zero are similar, Konosuba is a light anime with a lot of comedy whereas Re Zero has a dark tone. Konosuba has two seasons each consisting of 10 episodes.

4. When They Cry

Anime Like Re Zero

Keiichi Maebara has recently moved to Himanizawa where he quickly becomes friends with his classmates Rena Ryuugu, Mion Sonozaki, Satoko Houjou, and Rika Furude.

When the village prepares for the annual festival, Keiichi learns that several murders are connected to this festival.

Now Keiichi must untangle the mysteries and seek the truth. The narrative resets itself from time to time. That is where it is similar to Re Zero.

It also has a sequel called When They Cry: Kai. This anime has 26 episodes and its sequel has 24 episodes.


Anime Like Re Zero

Youji Itami of the Japan Self-Defense Forces (JSDF) saves people from the sudden attack of mysterious creatures from the other side of the gate.

Three months later, Youji leads a special team that goes to the “Special Region” with the aim of forging peace.

If they fail to do so, then both worlds will have to face harsh consequences. It consists of 12 episodes.

2. Ajin

Anime Like Re Zero

Kei Nagai is transformed into an Ajin after an accident. Ajins are immortal beings who are considered as a threat to mankind and are to be arrested whenever spotted.

Ajins are then used by the government as subjects for inhumane experiments as a consequence, Ajins seek revenge on the government.

The care-free Kei is forced to his own kind when Sato who is deemed as the most dangerous Ajin uses extreme violence just for the sake of it. It has 13 episodes.

1. Grimgar of the Fantasy and Ash

Anime Like Re Zero

A group of people have blurred memories find themselves in a game-like world where they must destroy anything that threatens the peace of the world.

But there is one condition, they can’t be reborn. Once dead is always dead.

The team consists of a priest Manato, a thief Haruhino, a hunter Yume, a mage named Shihoru, a warrior Mogzo and Ranta, a knight.

The characterization is impeccable. You will enjoy watching characters evolve as the plot progresses. It has 12 episodes.

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