Top 12 Anime kitsune Characters You Should See Immediately

Anime kitsune represents a wide variety of animals in its shows and movies. Sometimes even imaginary beings from popular folklore or legends can be seen in anime. One of the staples and common animals which we do encounter in an anime is a fox or Anime kitsune. Yup, from fox girls to fox boys, to actual foxes. Continue reading to know more about anime kitsune.

Anime kitsune

So, why not take a look at some of the anime kitsune foxes out there. Here is the list of top anime foxes ever. The list includes both anime boys and girls. So, which anime kitsune are you?

1. Inuyasha, Inuyasha (2000)

Inuyasha is the protagonist and the titular character of the anime series ‘Inuyasha’. Some of you guys might be cursing me right now and I do think your point is valid.

After all, Inuyasha is a dog demon, not a fox demon. But come on, let it slip, please.

He is a great character and well dogs actually came from the Anime kitsune family after being bred by humans, so technically his ancestor may have been an Anime kitsune.

Anyways, coming to his birth his mom is a normal human but his father is the dog demon whose Anime kitsune attributes he inherited.

Kagome asks him to help her find all the shards of the scattered jewel to prevent them from being used, by evil people.

2. Anime kitsune Kurama, Naruto

Kurama is one of the nine-tailed demons from the ninja-themed anime kitsune series ‘Naruto’. He is commonly referred to as Kyuubi or nine-tailed Anime kitsune.

Anime kitsune

Humans have always feared the power of Kurama and have considered him a mindless, merciless monster that destroys everything in its path.

Thus, he has been sought and captured many times to be used as a weapon in wars. This has made him despise and hate humans.

His current Jinchuriki is Naruto the protagonist and titular character of the series.

Kurama at first hates Naruto and wants him to be consumed by a rage so that he can surface and wreak havoc but during ‘Naruto: Shippuden’ we see him bond with Naruto who asks his name.

From then onwards they have been quite close friends.

3. Sajin Komamura, Bleach (2004)

Sajin Komamura is an important member of the soul society and is quite powerful when it comes to Bankai.

His Bankai is the largest. I mean why wouldn’t it be? He himself is the tallest and largest character in ‘Bleach’ after the giant gatekeepers.

Komamura is also the captain of the 7th squad in the soul society. His appearance is that of an Anime kitsune or wolf.

I guess it’s a mixture of both. His fur is red.

Initially, we see him very conscious of his canine appearance but in the latter part of the series, he is seen without any helmet or gloves which used to be a staple part of his uniform.

He was close friends with Tosen who betrayed him and the soul society by joining Aizen.

4. Yoko, Inukami! (2006)

Yoko is one of the main characters from the Anime kitsune series ‘Inukami!’.

‘Inukami!’ follows Kawahira Keita who wants to be a demon tamer. But to be a demon tamer you need to at least tame one demon, right?

Anime kitsune

But our protagonist has failed to do that. He hasn’t even tamed a single demon yet. This has made his family treat him as a disappointment.

Yoko is one day encountered by Kawahira who thinks that she would be an easy target. He can easily catch her and tame her which would enable him to regain his honor.

But it is easier said than done. Yoko is one problematic Inukami whom no demon tamer has been able to tame. Also, Yoko is actually an Anime kitsune, not an Inukami which gave her a spot on this list.

5. Gintarou, Gingitsune (2013)

Gintarou is one of the main fox spirits and one of the main protagonists of the supernatural anime series ‘Gingitsune’.

He is a fox herald who takes care of his shrine alone since all other Anime kitsune heralds have either gone or just disappeared.

Saeki Makoto has inherited the ability to see God’s agents from her family. After her mother passed away she is the only one left in her family.

Gintarou has been around for a long time. He has been the protector of the Inari temple since the Edo period.

Gintarou needs to work with Saeki, though on the surface he seems to dislike her if he wants to help people.

It has also been shown that Gintarou actually cares a lot about Makoto’s well-being and wants to take care of her.

6. Dakki, Senkaiden Houshin Engi

Dakki So is the main Anime kitsune villain of the fantasy Anime kitsune series ‘Senkaiden Houshin Engi’. The series is set in a time when dark magic and wizardry were commonplace.

Anime kitsune

She has bewitched the emperor of the mighty dynasty and has reduced him to a mere puppet of hers. The country is in havoc and there is a presence of evil spirits wherever you go.

To stop the utter destruction of the kingdom a young wizard is sent to defeat the evil spirits and stop Dakki. Dakki is a seductress.

She is the human embodiment of a fox spirit or Anime kitsune and is quite sexy (no wonder the emperor became her puppet).

She is known to have lived for hundreds of years and has used her magic to control the men of royal families. If she wants something she sees top it that she gets it whatever be the way.

7. Haru, Gingitsune (2013)

Haru is a young Anime kitsune herald from the supernatural anime series ‘Gingitsune’.

‘Gingitsune’ mainly focuses on the life of Saeki Makoto who inherited the ability to see God’s agent from her family and is currently the only living member.

She along with Fox Spirit Gintarou will try to help the people inhabiting her community and solve their problems.

Haru is very fond of Satoru who is the successor of Kamio Shrine. Satoru is also quite popular in his school and is talented in the martial arts Kendo.

Haru faced a fatal accident when she was a plain fox. She followedSatoru’s great-grandfather’s home and was later buried under a cherry blossom tree. Haru later has Satoru live with her in the Saeki shrine.

8. Kyubi, Yo-Kai Watch (2014)

Kyubi is a Yo-Kai from the Anime kitsune series ‘Yo-Kai Watch’. He is an S-class fire type Yo-kai and is quite important in ‘Yo-Kai Watch’ being an essential requirement if one wants to unlock Komashura.

Anime kitsune

Kyubi has the appearance of a fox and is covered with golden fur. His belly and paws are white. His chest is of different color too being of purple color.

He has long tails which are nine in number, all of which are covered with golden fur with the tip being purple. He has long nails which are purple in color as well.

Kyubi is quite fond of seafood and Oden. He has an extreme sense of smell and has the ability to control fire. In addition to these, Kyubi can also fly, teleport, and can take human form or Anime kitsune.

9. Bonbori and Hozuki, Otome Youkai

Bonbori and Hozuki are twin Anime kitsune girls from the anime series ‘Otome Youkai Zakuro’. They are assigned to the Ministry of Spirit Affairs.

They are generally seen with Hanakiri as they have been paired with the second lieutenant. Bonbori is a cheerful character of the anime and brightens everyone’s mood.

She is quite witty and often is seen making certain comments which make people blush.

Hanakiri is quite dear to her as well as her sister Hozuki since he is one of the very few people who can identify them as individuals.

Though one might think otherwise Bonbori and Hozuki don’t stop having fun teasing Hanakiri.

Hozuki is quite similar in personality to her twin sister as well. No wonder people can’t tell them apart in their anime kitsune form.

10. Yukikaze Panettone, Dog Days

Yukikaze Panettone is a fox girl from the Anime kitsune series ‘Dog Days’ and can be often seen working alongside Brioche d’Arquien.

Anime kitsune

She is a member of the Biscotti Knights Secret Squad. Her name is quite interesting. Yukikaze in Japanese means snowy wind.

Her surname is not random either. Panettone is a sweet bread. Yukikaze is quite good at combat too and uses a variety of weapons in battle like bow and arrow, daggers et cetera.

She is also good at fighting bare fist. Yukikaze is very agile which works to her Anime kitsune advantage. She has two fox-like ears and a tail.

Her hair color is blonde and she has blue-colored eyes. She cares about her squad and considers the members as her own brothers.

11. Nora Gitsune, One Piece (1999)

Nora Gitsune is a fox character from the Anime kitsune series ‘One Piece’. This is one weird-looking fox and has been taken to be the pet for the Fake Straw Hats crew.

But the team is quite bad at its research as they did not know that the original dog of the real Straw Hats pirates was actually more than just a dog.

It was a doctor and had several human-like traits too. Nora Gitsune has been mostly thrown getting thrown outside the glass.

He is quite strong when it comes to his dental prowess because he has been seen biting people.

Nora used to work for the fake Robin when he was in the Fake Straw Hats Crew. He has also bitten the fake Robin when she kicked him out.

12. Kitsune, xxxHOLiC (2006)

Kitsune is one of the fox spirits from the Anime kitsune series ‘xxxHOLiC’.

There are actually two fox spirits in the series and Anime kitsune Kitsune along with the other fox spirit is in charge of the Fox Oden Cart.

Anime kitsune

His appearance is that of a typical normal fox with human garments. Kitsune wears a white-colored kimono and black apron.

He also wears glasses that have round rims. His fur is of yellow-orange color with the exception of the tip of his tail, which is white.

He runs the shop which sells Oden to people who can actually see it making it quite tough for humans to be his potential buyers.

He is a good friend of Yuko’s and had known him for quite some time. The appearance of Kitsune in the anime is episode 5.

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