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Andy Bassich Net Worth – For Andy Bassich, the Alaskan Wilderness isn’t just the choicest destination for tourists but also a haven and the most comfortable place to live in. Over a decade and counting, the epic vast land has given solace to the American musher, who spends his days in the wilderness with his over 37 sled dogs.

Andy Bassich Net Worth

Biography of Andy Bassich

Living without internet connections, electricity, and water in a wilderness such as Alaskan is one big decision many people would easily shy away from but Andy has proved to be the only man brave enough to measure up to the challenges that come with living in such lonely and dangerous environment.

Andy Bassich is a popular television star and American musher who has been living in Alaska with his dogs for many years. The musher was born in 1959, in Washington DC, where he was raised along with his siblings.

Andy graduated from John F. Kennedy High School, after which he moved to Alaska to rear dogs and hunt as well. Since then, he has been living in the bank of the Yukon River, along with his 37 sled dogs.

The musher is best known for his involvements in the television series, Life Below Zero and other shows such as Erik Salitan, Jessie Holmes, Chip and Agnes Hailstone, Sue Aikens, and Glenn Villeneuve.

Life Below Zero airs on the National Geographic channel and has hosted elites like Ciril Jazbec and Soledad O’Brien. Before stardom, he worked as a carpenter to help his family live a better life.

Andy Bassich Age:

When it comes to celebrities and their personal affairs, no doubt, the fans are always curious to know about all the small things.

In this case, people are want to know how old is Andy Bassich? Andy was born in Washington D.C, USA. As per wiki, he celebrated his birthday on January 25 and was born in 1958, which makes his age 62 this year.

What Happened to His Wife?

Touted as the bravest man in history, Andy Basich spent over ten years with his wife Kate Rorke Bassich in the Alaskan Wilderness before the two terminated their marriage, to the disappointment of their mammoth fans.

The musher met his wife in the year 2003 while he was working as a riverboat captain. Kate had visited the wilderness as a tourist and would later fall in love with Andy.

Shortly after, the couple started a relationship that would lead to marriage and wider attention from the public.

For years, Bassich and his wife portrayed a perfect union to their fans whereas, behind the camera, the two were constantly at loggerheads with each other.

Rorke eventually walked out of her marriage after it became excessively abusive by 2015 while their divorce was finalized in 2016.

She revealed in an interview that she was abused physically and emotionally by her husband for many years and that she did her best to endure the torture and also fix her marriage but gave up after it became more severe.

Andy Bassich Net Worth

The couple’s fans only got to know about their divorce when it was publicly announced on one of the episodes of Life Below Zero and by that time, Kate had already left the Wilderness.

As expected, news about their separation left their fans devastated, with many showing deep concern about how Andy will be able to cope in the lonely and cold wilderness.

As regards to their children, Kate and her ex-husband actually gave birth to offsprings, although they kept information about them from the public.

During a post-divorce interview, Rorke revealed that her youngest daughter is currently living in Canada.

Professional Life and Career

He traveled across the country in 1976 and he wanted to visit Alaska. But, his sister was getting married in the same year, so he returned and did his carpentry jobs for a few years.

Then he went to Alaska to fulfill his dream of living and working in Alaska.

He used to do gardening in the summertime and used to hunt and gather garden supplies in the fall. Andy used to work as a musher and lived there along with 37 sled dogs. He loves to spend his time with dogs rather than human. He enjoyed his life in Alaska.

Andy worked as a riverboat captain for 20 years on Yukun River.

He is one of the six characters in the documentary series ‘Life Below Zero’ alongside Sue Aikens, Jassie Holmes, Glenn Villeneuve, Erik Salitan, Agnes Hailstone, and Chip Hailstone from 2013.

Alaskan people mostly celebrate the breakup of water at the beginning of summer but, icy water flooded away all the property, machinery, and houses he had.

Andy Bassich Net worth

Despite living in the cold and lonely Alaskan Wilderness, the television reality star leads a luxurious lifestyle which clearly indicates that he makes a huge sum of money from the numerous television series he appears in.

As of 2018, Andy Bassich has an estimated net worth of $250,000. The musher reportedly makes around $100,000 from his roles on Live Below Zero and charges around $2,500 per person.

Social Media Handles:

Andy is a person who loves to be alone and enjoy his loneliness. He doesn’t have official pages on social networks, but he has a private profile on Facebook and an account on Twitter.

His Facebook profile has only 500 friends, and his last post on this profile is in 2010. The link is

On Twitter, he made his account but is not active. There is no even one tweet and only 50 followers. The link is

Interesting Facts about Andy Bassich:

Andy is a survivor of Alaska. We can never say to him that he is an abuser. After 13 years of marriage, Kate made a statement that she lived in harsh conditions. She said that he abused her verbally and physically.

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