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Allen Iverson Net Worth 2020, Biography, Career and Matrimonial Home

Allen Iverson Net Worth 2020, Biography, Career, and Matrimonial Home.

Allen Iverson Net Worth 2020 – Allen Iverson is a multi-award winning ex-basketball player and present coach of 3’s Company in the BIG3.

llen Iverson Net Worth 2020

Regardless of his extravagant and controversial lifestyle, Allen sure did make a mark in the basketball sporting world.

Net Worth 2020

Despite having earned over $150 million in his career days, Allen is presently worth $1 million.


Allen Iverson is an African-American retired basketball player who was born on June 7, 1975, in Hampton, Virginia, the United States. Besides being a basketball player, Allen also tried his hands on rapping.

Though not as tall as most basketball players (6 ft (1.83 m), Ivy was a force to reckon with in his heydays. He was famous for his fast pace, quick moves and accurate shots which made him one of the best point guards in the NBA’s history. Furthermore, he featured in the NBA All-Star team a record 11 times.

Allen became interested in basketball from a young age partly because he grew up in a neighborhood that not only hosted several courts but has also produced many professional players. Besides taking part in the sport he constantly watched NBA games to learn a thing or two.

He attended Georgetown University where his skills got noticed by the then head coach of the University basketball team, John Thomson. He was drafted by the Philadelphia 76ers. Unlike the usual recruitment where a player is picked from a team, Iverson was recruited from jail where he was serving a long jail term for fighting in a bar.


Although he was involved in some legal troubles in his teen years, Allen Iverson was able to build a reputable career. While playing for the Georgetown University basketball team, Iverson led the team to Elite 8 in the NCAA championship.

After two seasons, he was selected first overall by the Philadelphia 76ers despite being a bit shorter compared to most players in NBA.

In the same year, he was able to win the Rookie of the Year award and NBA Rookie Challenge MVP.

Matrimonial Home

Allen was married to his high school sweetheart, Tawanna Turner. Even after their dramatic divorce, Allen calls her the real love of his life. The two met on an “opposites attract” circumstance. Unfortunately, their differences took the better of them in the later years of their marriage.

The couple tied the knot in 2001 but finally split in 2013 after Tawana filed for divorce on two separate occasions.

Together, they have 5 children- Isaiah Rahsaan Iverson, Tiara Iverson, Dream Alijha Iverson, Allen Iverson II, Messiah Lauren Iverson.

In recent times, Allen and Tawana seem to be enjoying each other’s company but it is not clear if they are coming back together once again.