Alexandra Grant Net Worth 2020, Bio, Relationship, and Career Updates

Alexandra Grant Net Worth 2020, Bio, Relationship, and Career Updates

Alexandra Grant Net Worth 2020, Bio, Relationship, and Career Updates.

Alexandra Grant is an artist who reflects arts through sculpture and another medium. Her art is exchanged between many writers and authors by providing them with examined language and written text.Alexandra Grant Net Worth 2020, Bio, Relationship, and Career Updates


Alexandra Grant was born in the year 1973. She was born in the city of Fairview Park, located in Ohio, USA. She is a well-renowned artist who is of white ethnicity. Though she spent her childhood in Mexico, she is an American national by birth. She completed her studies from Swarthmore College. She also attended the California College of the Arts.

Alexandra Grant has not disclosed much about her family, parents, and siblings. As many people tend to hide their background when they become famous, and so does Alexandra.


Alexandra Grant is in a relationship with Keanu Reeves. They were first spotted with each other on LACMA Art + Film Gala hosted by Gucci. They were comfortable with each other and were holding hands during photo shoots.

However, besides dating, they have been together as friends for years now and have done some massive collaboration as well. They also founded X Artist’s Books together. This shows that working together made them close enough to date each other.

Lastly, this is the first time Keanu Reeves has gone public about his relationship in ages. He used to keep his private life a secret, and this is for the first time he expressed his love in front of the public.


Alexandra Grant finished her studies from Swarthmore College in arts and started her career. She first organized a solo exhibition at a museum in the year 2007. She is also the creator of the GrantLOVE project. Through this project, they have helped the Heart if Los Angeles, LAXART, Art of Elysium, and many more.

In the year 2015, she reunited with Keanu for another collaboration. They presented their hard work and dedication to the ACME Gallery located in Los Angeles this time. They also did a second exhibition of this in Ochi Gallery located in Sun Valley. This was one of the successful events they have hosted to let the world know about themselves.


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Net Worth

For now, her net worth is estimated around $1 Million earned through her hard work and dedication in the arts. She has more time to earn, and her net worth will surely increase in the upcoming days.

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