Al Roker Net Worth 2021, Biography, Career and Achievement

Albert Lincoln Roker Jr. is also known as Al Roker, the American presenter actor, author, and TV presenter. Al Roker Net Worth Will be discussed in detail. The African-American weatherman is not just popular for his weather report on NBC’s Today, he is also an actor and a news reporter who has worked in several shows such as the NBC’s Nightly News. Keep reading for more details.

Al Roker Net Worth

He has authored and published a good number of books including “Morning Show Murders,” “The Midnight Show Murders,” and his latest non-fictional book published in 2016 and titled “Been There, Done That family Wisdom For Modern Times.”

Early Life and Education

Albert Lincoln Roker was born in Queens, New York on August 20, 1954, he grew up in a family that valued education and he attended Manhattan’s Xavier High School, where he spent up to four years, mastering his skills in graphic arts as a comic actor.

He also attended the New York State University at Oswego where he had his double major in graphic design and broadcasting/journalism.

Personal Life

Roker’s mom was a Jamaican and his father was a Bahamian. Having both parents come from island origins gave Al a unique racial makeup.

He has no hint of his parent’s accents because he grew up in New York. New York has a lot of immigrants so Al fit right in as a child.

Al graduated of with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications from the State University of New York at Oswego in 1976. The degree would come in handy as the bulk of Al’s career has been news broadcasting.

Roker was married to a woman named Alice Bell from 1984 to 1994. After they got ad divorce, he went on to marry Deborah Roberts on September 16, 1995.

They married only a year after Roker’s divorce because Roker was determined to find love.

His first marriage had lasted a decade so it was hard for him to go through life without his long-time partner. He needed someone to fill the void in his heart. Deborah ended up being the perfect woman to get Al out of his slump.

They have two children from their marriage. His daughter Leila was born in November of 1998 and his son Nicholas Albert was born in July of 2002. He is still married to his wife Deborah and they are really happy with their children.

Al Roker Net Worth


Al started his broadcasting career when he was hired as the weather for anchor CBS affiliate WHEN-TV in Syracuse, New York while he was still going to college. Getting job experience while still going to school was invaluable for Al.

He was able to apply the concepts he was learning in school to the real world. He was also getting positive reinforcement for the path he chose. He could see that his choice of study was actually something he wanted to do.

After finishing college, Al went on to take another weather anchor job at an independent station called WTTG where he worked for two years.

After that quick stint, he went on to work for an NBC affiliate called WKYC-TV which was located in Cleveland in 1978.

Even though he had to move away from New York to Ohio, he didn’t mind because he got to work for a national company.

After five years in Ohio, Al got the chance to return home to New York. He was hired to be a weekend forecaster in 1983 but it only took him 8 months to become the weeknight forecaster.

He replaced WNBC-TV veteran Dr. Frank Field who held the job for over three decades. Al was lucky that Frank was having contract disputes with NBC.

NBC decided not to give in to Frank’s demands so they were seeking a replacement.

Al Roker Net Worth

Achievement and Net Worth

Roker’s salary is $8 million dollars since he is one of the most famous persons on Today. His net worth is $30 Million dollars.

Roker stated he was proud of all the years he spent on his career and that now he’s reaping what he sowed with all the hard work he put in.

The longtime weatherman on NBC’s The Today Show, Roker was born and raised in Queens, attending college at the State University of New York at Oswego before beginning his career as a weather anchor for CBS affiliate WHEN-TV in Syracuse while in school.

He later moved to Washington, D.C., and later Cleveland. Since moving back to New York in the early ’90s, Roker has hosted the  Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade for NBC and several game shows.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Roker is worth $70 million, His NBC salary is $10 million per year. His most recent contract is a 5-year, $50 million deal.

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