A value is important to a society because it is _______.

A “value is important to a society” because it is “A human characteristic that is considered desirable”.

Answer: Option(c)


A value is important to a society because it is a human characteristic that is considered desirable. When it comes to cultural values, importance is a pretty big one. This is true, especially in this day and age, where cultures are so diverse. Considerations of what is important to society help us understand the different factors contributing to our lives.

These considerations can range from religion, morals, trust and more. High importance on any of these values will give insight into what that group thinks is most important to their everyday life and culture as a whole.

What is Value?

Value is the worth of something. It is often confused with price and can be used interchangeably sometimes. However, there are some key differences between these two concepts. Price is the money that something costs, while value is the worth of something. Price and value are related but not equivalent.

Value is an important economic concept that helps us understand how society works and how people interact with each other. Value has many meanings; sometimes, it can be ambiguous. However, it is generally understood as the worth of something or someone. The value of a product, service, person, or anything else can vary widely depending on the circumstances. The role of value in a society – especially in the modern world – cannot be understated.

In this lesson, you will learn more about value and how it impacts society. Whether you’re just starting to learn about economics or are interested in the subject, you should find something useful here.

The Importance of Value to a society

As mentioned above, this is a pretty important concept regarding how society operates. If something has high value to a society, society will be invested in protecting and preserving it. If something has low value, society may feel less compelled to invest in it. This holds true for physical and non-physical products, services, and concepts. When determining value, people will consider several different factors. Examples include available resources and demand, current supply, durability and sustainability, usefulness, etc.

Theories of Value

Different theories can help to explain what value is. Several economic theories can help us determine and calculate a product’s worth. These include:

  • Marginal utility theory – This is the idea that the utility of something is subjective and, therefore, cannot be measured universally.
  • Opportunity cost – The value of the next-best alternative must be abandoned when pursuing a particular action.
  • Supply and demand – When there is more demand for something than the supply, it will be worth more. Conversely, when there is more supply than demand, it will be worth less.
  • Standard of living – A product’s value depends on how it impacts the standard of living of the individuals who use it.
  • Time value of money – This is the idea that a dollar today is worth more than a dollar tomorrow.
  • Utility – Something is worth as much as the utility it provides a person.

The Role of Economic Value in Society

Economic value is incredibly important to understanding how modern society operates. Economic value is calculated based on the subjective worth of a good or service. People will use their own value system to determine what something is worth to them. It is the role of producers to create products worth more than the cost of production. When producers sell their products, they hope to receive a higher price than their products’ value.

Find Answer to Question: changing your toilet can reduce water pollution because _______.

Cultural Values and Importance

Cultural values are the ideas that a society considers important. This includes things like religion, language, history, and more. These values can be directly tied to how an individual views the world or indirectly to how society functions. People will make different choices in their everyday lives depending on society’s values. For example, if a society highly values sustainability, it will make different choices and decisions than a less sustainable society.

How does the worth of something change?

The worth of something can change based on a number of different factors. If a product is scarce, it will likely be worth more than something abundant. It will likely be worth more than a similar product that is easy to produce if a product is difficult to produce. If a product is easy to use, it will likely be worth more than a similar product that is difficult to use.

How does value contribute to society?

Value can contribute to society in many different ways. It can help create a more efficient market for goods and services. People can use the value of certain products to determine whether or not they should make certain purchases. Value can also help determine how much people should be paid for their work. Overall, value is an important economic concept that helps us understand how society operates.

Final Words

The concepts discussed in this lesson are incredibly important for understanding how society works. Knowing about the different theories of value and economic value’s role can help you make more informed choices. This lesson will give you a good foundation on value and the different theories that can help explain it. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them in the comments section below.

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