20 Best Advice On How To Kiss Your Lovely Partner Romantically

Best Advice On How To Kiss.

There’s this popular romantic joke that says “if kissing is the language of love, then we have a lot to talk about “. Funny though, the act of kissing speaks a lot.

It’s a communication of intimacy between two lovers – and like communication, there are effective means to it. Kissing is much of an art as it is an act too. As an act it speaks, as an art it feels.

One cannot undermine the essence of lip-locked passion in relationships. Kissing can however both be enjoyed or not (like boring conversations).

No one is a born kisser with a natural talent for it – even best kissers have had awkward moments before so don’t feel too bad. You can always learn.

The sensuous ride of passion can be enjoyed and mark new depths of intimacy between both partners if each pays attention to the tips that would improve kissing patterns.

This doesn’t imply you just try out any crazy kissing style you may have seen online. No.  As an act and art, you want to communicate with your significant other and also feel with them, and to help in achieving that, you may have to take note of these few tips.

20 Best advice on how to kiss your lovely partner

1. Setting

The setting for a kiss is really important. If it’s in public, a dinner date, a stroll through the streets in the evening or at home on the bed in each other’s arms, understanding the setting for the kiss would make it more enjoyed. This refers to an emotional setting as well as the physical setting.

You do not go about trying to kiss a lover who’s screaming at a driver through the window while blaring the car horns. You have to know and understand if the setting is suitable for a kiss – if it isn’t, you can subtly create the setting.


2. Initiate the process

Like everything, there’s a process to it. You do not just lunge for the lips abruptly – except you are in need of a face slap or an awkward rejection. Initiate the kissing process.

You could start by complimenting her, sharing laughter over a light joke and sensuous caresses on the skin. Nothing too forward but enough to pass the message.

You could share a beautiful story about yourself, setting the moment to a romantic one. Looking into their eyes and when you’re sure the moment is right to go for it. If you’re not certain if it’s right, you could ask for the kiss. “I would do love to kiss you right you. May I?

Best Advice On How To Kiss

3. Respect your partner’s consent of decline

You should respect your partner’s decision if she declines your advances. Forcing it would show you disrespect her opinion and don’t care about how she feels.


4. Soft and minty

Keeling a fresh breath and moist lips on very important. A softened lip, perhaps with a mint would make kissing more enjoyable.


5. Take it slow.

Take your time to gently kiss your partner. Do not unnecessarily rush it. Make sure to savour the taste of each other’s lips,  rather than just gobbling each other like starved wolves.


6. Tease your partner

Nothing wrong with a little tease here and there. Teasing your partner would build a heated longing in them. Try little pecks on the cheeks, nibbling the ear and then tasting the lips with light pecks.


7. Listen to your partner’s needs.

Remember you both are communicating so make sure to listen to your partner’s needs.

If a kiss on the neck would drive her wild or would douse her growing flames. Listen to your partner’s needs by watching out for the moves they initiate.


8. Tour each other.

There are more gems to be upturned if you tour the mines.  With your partner, you could try not just kissing the lips, but also the neck, the ear, the forehead, and the chin.

By touring your partner’s body you’d discover new spots that could bring pleasure why satisfaction to you both


9. Move around.

Do not just stand there, hold her neck and tilt to the side, move your body as the need beckons.


10. Feel the moment together.

As an art, you both want to feel the intimacy that comes with the kissing. It could be a parting kiss for a lover whose traveling, an “I miss your kiss” or “I care about you kiss”.

Whatever the moment is, make sure to reflect to your partner that you feel it.


11. Pull away and smile.

Take a moment to pause and pull away for a breather.


12. Look into each other’s eyes and compliment them.

When pausing during a kiss, look into the eyes of your partner. It’s a moment of connecting with your feelings on an intimate level. You could compliment them, or just reaffirm your love and affection if she’s your significant other.

Best Advice On How To Kiss

13. Know when and what to do with your tongue.

Know when to suck, nibble, taste, peck and kiss.


14.  If it’s awkward, admit it!

If you feel you hadn’t properly spoken well with your kiss, it’s okay to admit that it was awkward.  This does not imply you complain about how bad a kisser your partner is. As that would be rude and insensitive.

It means rather than stand around awkwardly, you could make a light joke to lessen the tension admitting it was awkward and perhaps ask for another shot.


15. Keep calm

It’s okay to be anxious about a kiss especially if it’s your first time, but you should try and keep calm. It’s not’s a competition where you’re trying to out-play best an ex-lover. It’s a moment you both are about to share.


16. Respect boundaries.

While kissing, it’s quite natural to want to move your hands and feel each other’s body but it’s important you respect your partner’s boundaries.

Know if she appreciates your hands sliding below her waist or grabbing her bottoms. If she doesn’t want it then don’t try to impose it on her.


17. Clear your mind of kissing myths.

Not every kiss leads to sex. Not every first kiss awkward. Approach your partner with an open mind and go with the flow of the moment.


18. Try new methods.

Variety is the spice of life as of romance too.  Be willing to try other kissing styles bit be sure to discuss with your partner or know if it’s something she’d be comfortable with.

Best Advice On How To Kiss

19. Tell your partner you enjoyed kissing her.

Tell her how sweet her lips taste and how it’s a remedy to your heart. It doesn’t have to be said poetically. But do tell your partner you loved every second you both shared kissing. It deepens intimacy and romance.


20. Look Into each other’s eyes

After kissing, don’t just runoff. You could place for forehead on hers and look into each other’s eyes. Such moments speak a lot – or translates what was spoken through kissing.